Month: September 2016

Free museum day…

Was yesterday, was going to attempt 3.  The LBJ, The Harry Ransom, and The Bob Bullock.  I only made one.  The Bob Bullock. This was my second time being here, it was fun, but the weather was hot out, so I only stayed for an hour. Here are a few photos.

La Belle was the star of my show.  Took other photos, but loved this ship one.  Enjoy.

Summer clean up…

So today I took off work, needed a little mental break.  Today was well needed.  So me and mom did some end of summer claening of my storage.  When they came here a year ago, they stored their stuff in my storage.  So now, it is time to clean, throw away, shred, donate stuff they will not need.  We are almost done, with the exception of a couple of boxes.  Then the stuff they need to keep, and want to take to their apartment they can.  

Speaking of work, it has been going.  I am hanging in there, abour to go from tier 1 to tier 2 in another week.  I can say it can be trying at times;but nothing like my last call center job.  To be continued!!!