Month: October 2016

Exercising my Rights…

To Vote that is.  This morning I took advantage of the early voting that is going on, and I went to one of the polling places, and voted.  I am so happy I did.  What will be, will be, early voting continues until Friday.  My mom will try to vote tomorrow, or this coming week.  Speaking of my mom, she is doing a bit better, I think they are done taking blood from her for now, she continues on medication, until she is approved for this clinical research trial.  Keep prayers.

I am also in the midst of searching for a job closer to home, will keep updated on that as well.  Life had been something else, this year, has been something else.  But I am still alive and living it the best that I can.

Hope you are exercising your rights as well.


My mom has mylodysplastic Syndrome, (MDS)  The myelodysplastic syndromes are hematological medical conditions that cause ineffective production of all blood cells. Patients with MDS can develop severe anemia and require blood transfusions. In some cases, the disease worsens and the patient develops cytopenias caused by progressive bone marrow failure. The outlook in MDS depends on the type and severity. Many people live normal lifespans with MDS.

Which means her bone marrow is pretty Jacked up.  She will see doctor after doctor for this, in fact she has to go to a doctor who will see if she qualifies for a Trial research for some medication.  Instead of having to see about experimental medical treatments in Houston.  Will keep all updated and posted.  For today, it looks like she will be doing treatments here in Austin.

I have decided that I am going to stay home with her while this is going on, and find a job closer to home, instead of being all the way out south, and taking forever to get back north and with her.  Thank God that my dad is working, as well, but for now, I am going to be there while he works to keep bills paid.  I will look for something closer.  Because I still need to get my bills paid as well.  But It will be alright, God has his hands on our family.  All the prayers of family and friends. Thanks for all those who prayed and are still praying.

Today has been a wild day, but I know my mom is so very strong, and she is going to beat this thing.

Another year disappointed 

Another opportunity that the f-1 Fanfest blew, that is only my opinion. Really, there was nothing interesting going on;and that is a shame.  There was no music, no sporty racing cars on display like two years back.  It was bland.  I was in and out of downtown that quick.  Facebook was there doing some occulus vr stuff.  Not interested, welp another year gone and a complete washout for me.  Maybe next year will hold something better 😔.  Enjoy your Saturday readers.

Coming Home…

Tonight, my mom has been released from the hospital.  Yay!  She has to do some follow ups, and they are somewhere down town, but we will take a taxi to get her to them. I am glad she is coming home, I have missed her so much, you know…  You don’t know what you got until something happens, I know I need to be a bit more patient with her, I am working on that.  I love my mom very much.  I want to have more good times than the not so good times with her, as much as I can.

she is pretty much medicated to the hilt, so hopefully she sleeps well tonight, without much pain.  Got all her meds filled, and believe me there are a lot of them.  My oh my!  Anyway, that is the latest on my mom.

So today I stayed home and cleaned her apartment, so that it will be much easier for her to maneuver around her apartment, being there were lots of things that I had to put away.  I am tired now.  I did happen to get in the rest of The Get Down on netflix.  It is a awesome show, season 1.  I do hope there will be a season two, just have to wait and see.  Well that is about it for tonight, so until the next time.  Keep it nice and easy.

Good news…

Well my mom is getting better, in fact, she may be coming home Monday, they decided to keep her over the weekend, that is good, they are still doing test on her.  They told her that it may not be leukemia, they keep taking blood and getting it tested, so praying that it is not that.  I do remember when she had her second heart attack, they said she may have leukemia, but turned out that was not the case, I think this may be the same thing, but will wait to see what the final results are.  I also believe that the prayers that everyone has been praying over her, with her, and too her also is why she is getting better and stronger.  Keep those prayers going.  She is a very strong woman, and God has His hand over her life.

Speaking of life…  I made it through the first week of t-2 abay training, and now the weekend is upon me, yay!  I still have a ways to go, but I am going to stick with it, for as long as I can.  Even though I don’t like all the process that you have to go through, ugh, but this is life, and that is what they do.

Until the next time, keep it smooth, fun, and always safe.

Being an adult…

Means doing what you have to do, what you need to do.  I know I want to run from this job, because I have not grasped ut all; but I know I need to stay on it, to work through this frear and forge ahead in victory, and victory it shall be when I master it.  It is only day two,I still feel shaky,but I know I will eventually will get it.  Plus all that is going on with mom and ger health, I definitely need to keep this employment, so in tough time like this, I can help out more.  Today I got off a bit earlier so that I could get over to their apt and check on cat,while dad is with mom.  Then cook a pot of goulash with some cornbread.   That should last a few days.  Yes, there are times in your life where you have to suck it up and do what needs to be done.  This is another time for me in my life.  God knows I want my mom around for a long time, so I am going to help take care of her the best I can.


Is precious, when major things happen, it makes you take stock.  Stock in the little things, in the big things, and in the between things. What’s really important.  My mom has been ill for over a month.  First with Gout,then something else that took over her body.  Come to find out she has leukemia.  So she has been in the Hospital since Sunday, and she will be transfered to the hospital in south Austin today., they will get her set up and take it from there.  Am I scared;yes I am.  We have to stay strong as a family unit, keep strong for her.  So much is going through my mind, but no time to process it all.  I work everyday, and my mind races.  My dad took time off to be with his wife,to which I commend,he needs that, she needs that. I know God has his hands of protection around us.  Major changes for this family unit,with God all things are possible.  


I have found my long lost friend.  I have searched, and searched and today searched once again, and bingo I have found her.  She and her husband and children  have been residing in Texas for 16 years.  Crazy, its been over twenty something years we have been out of touch.  This truely makes my soul happy to get back in touch with her.  Life is good!

What was I thinking…

Apparently not the right thing.  Today, I decided to get out of the house.  Not sure where I wanted to go.  Somewhere, anywhere.  I jumped on the bus and headed to ross, it is such a sunny, pretty day out.  Decide to catch the one going to the far transit station on the south, then ride the one back to the north.  All was going well and the ride was peaceful,until downtown; then the bus fills up with noisy teenagers.   I had forgot that today was the second weekend of ACL fest.  Now I almost to the transit so I can head back north.  I am ready to be home.  Will probably sit outside on the patio and enjoy the rest of my day.  Here’s to a quiet Saturday.

Happy Birthday to me…

So today is my birthday,and I am home helping out mom who is not well this month.  Her gout is in severe flare up mode.  Today was the day I chose to stay home with her, because I was in training with my job, and could not miss any days.  Today would have been my first day on the phone in abay, but I am going to take care of mom the best I can.  Dad is working,takes off when he can, but things are tight at the moment.  

No complaints here, life in the ATX is grooving along.  So hope to write more, in a slump at the moment. But still keeping in touch here from time to time.  Keep writing my friends.