Good news…

Well my mom is getting better, in fact, she may be coming home Monday, they decided to keep her over the weekend, that is good, they are still doing test on her.  They told her that it may not be leukemia, they keep taking blood and getting it tested, so praying that it is not that.  I do remember when she had her second heart attack, they said she may have leukemia, but turned out that was not the case, I think this may be the same thing, but will wait to see what the final results are.  I also believe that the prayers that everyone has been praying over her, with her, and too her also is why she is getting better and stronger.  Keep those prayers going.  She is a very strong woman, and God has His hand over her life.

Speaking of life…  I made it through the first week of t-2 abay training, and now the weekend is upon me, yay!  I still have a ways to go, but I am going to stick with it, for as long as I can.  Even though I don’t like all the process that you have to go through, ugh, but this is life, and that is what they do.

Until the next time, keep it smooth, fun, and always safe.


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