My World…

SSent in the hospital.  mom is back in the hospital. she fell Friday, went to hospital Sat.  they released her saying it was just bruising,,y Sunday she was back.  it was not from the fall;;ut because she had developed blod clots in her arteries in her groin area, and not a lot of blood flow to her feet.  Doctors are avaluating her, they first said surgery to open up the arteries to get the clots, but found the situation too risky, so nothing is being done at the moment, she has to get her platelets  to a point where the operation  can be viable.  They have her on meds to keep the pain as manageable s possible and, stuff for her iinfections .   She has doctors around her, and she will be transferred back to South Austin this morning sometime.  I have the day odd to be there for her, as well as the rest of the family, but have to be back at work in the am.  Yes, these are trying times for this family of mine; but God is hhee, he strengthen us.  So off to the hospital  I go.  


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