My Corner…

Exhausted , taken aback from the sight of mom laying there all plugged into machines and tubed up.  tried not to cry, did  not work.  I just want her well and home.  It is so strange, her not being here.  It hurts, but she is still in the land of the living, just in a place, hard to get to.  spent a good two hours with her, had some family down yesterday, moms sister and brother, so hard seeing her this was.  But she is strong, as strong as those veins of hers, she will make it.  I have now become the keeper of handling things along with her husband.  when he cant because of work, I take over.  It is all new, Trying to keep things in order, what needs to be paid, and when.  I have to also keep up with my things being paid as well, this is part of being an adult, handling these things that happen.  So much yo do, it is hard to keep days straight.  work,hospital , home… rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat . The nurse said it will take time.  she is not ready to be without rhe ventilator.  But when she is, we will be there for her.


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