My Corner…

Last night was a truly rough night.  me and dad went to see mom after I got out of work.  Seeing her hooked up is heartbreaking as is, I talked to her, she nooded in some, I held her hand as did dad.  I showed her pictures of her cat, she nodded, as we went on, nurses came in to give her breathing treatments and to check her lungs  and heart.  her lungs are still corse, with yuckyness.  she is still on antibiotics to clear the infections.  it was when we were getting ready to leave, she was gripping my hand tightly, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes.  She was mouthing someting, but I could not understand, but knew she did not want us to leave, it broke my heart.  I had to leave, dad had to leave.  even telling her we would be back today did not help, she kept reaching out to take my hand to come back.  This has been so hard, my heart hurts.  I know she will get better, it is going to take tinr for that, I believe The Lord has her in His hedge of protection, and she is already getting stronger, and He is renewing her body.  

Today, I am bringing my bible to read some scriptures  to her, when we go back tonight.  This has been like a terrible dream, but it is not a dream, it is real.  my mom is in a fight for her life, one that she will need to reach deep down and find the strength to live and fight it.  I have the faith she will come through this, she just needs to bring hers.

Well that is all for now, until my next corner, stay blessed.


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