Month: August 2017

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 35:

That day was a good day, sure it did not start out great.  Mom thought I had gotten us lost on the way to the museum.  But once we got there and sat on the benches before we went in, things had been cleared.  It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.  That day finished on a wonderful note.  Miss you mom.

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 31:

Morning coffee on the patio.  We used to do that alot when I was in San Angelo, not so much in Austin, due to my working schedules.  We would have the occasional time on the patio with wine in the afternoon though.  These are the moments that enriched my life; her words of wisdom flowing throughout me.   Yes mom, I did hear what you were saying.  Love you.