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Beyond 365

Day 22:

Today I am…  Saying Good-bye.  Closing the door on 2013.  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, no glitz or glam, just a quiet, peaceful closing of the door.  It has been a year with heartache, pain, tears, anger, resentment, regrets.  It has also been a year full of new things, new people, places, and thoughts.  Today I shredded and disposed of the old, the past, things that are done and over with.  Not to say they don’t pop up in my thoughts, dreams, waking life, but it is life that has to go on, to move forward.  I can’t go back, there is nothing for me there, the only way I can move is forward, so with that being said.  I await the new year.

Today I am…  Saying good-bye.


P.S.  Happy New Year’s to all, may it be filled with many blessings, family and friends.

Beyond 365

Day 21:

Today I am…  Delighted.  That they have finally put in a treadmill and an elliptical machine in the exercise room here at the apartments.  Now with it being winter, I really do not have much of an excuse to do some indoor walking, and working out.  I have been lifting weights already, but you know there is so much more to do, or at least a variety of things that I can do, that will benefit me in the long run.  I used to go to the exercise room during the summer, in the mornings before daylight broke, but stopped going, you know how that start, stop, start again goes.  Now I am starting again, that is what matters to me, and that I push myself to go further.    I am pretty sure that once I really get moving along, that the pains that I have been having will lessen and I know I will start to feel a lot better mentally.

Today I am…  Delighted

Beyond 365

Day 20:

Today I am… Getting ready.  For the day at hand.  Mom is leaving this morning, so getting her stuff packed up, while also getting dressed for work.  No coffee for me this morning, all week-long I have had nothing but tea.  I need to get back into the habit of buying more teas, I have a fondness for those flavored teas, I quite feel in the mood for some sweet orange tea.  I love how it relaxes me, one sip at a time.

It is a little chilly this morning, so today looks like a jacket day, paired with a long-sleeved shirt for me.  On and off again weather gets people sick around these parts, and with the flu going around, you have to be extra precautions.  In fact one of my online friends husband is in the hospital with double pneumonia caused by the flu.  He is on a ventilator, it’s pretty serious.  Have been praying for him and her and the family.  I am taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and keeping away from sick people as well as I can, but when you work in the public, you know it can be strenuous trying to stay on top of it all.  I have a pretty good immune system though.  I have also stocked up on flu and cold medicine, just in case.

So here’s to hoping y’all keep yourselves flu and cold free this winter.  I need to get moving with things so until the next time.

Today I am…  Getting ready.