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Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 13:

One thing that was certain about my mom…  she loved to fish! Put her on any pond or by any lake, and she would have a smile on her face.  I did love that.  This photo was taken in San Angelo, we just decided to go back and do some fishing that day.  I will definitely miss theses times, but here’s to memories.  Much love mom.

It does tastes like chicken!

That would be alligator.  Today my mom, sister,nephew,and I went downtown 6th street.  We went to The Pecan Street Festival.  It was their first time going, they loved it.  It was also a first for us all to try alligator on a stick, let me tell you; it was delicious, in fact, it tasted like chicken.  Wow! Chicken.  Now I can say I have experienced gator.  The pecan street fest was good as always.  Until the next one in the spring 2016.  Enjoy!


Mom and sister enjoying gator on stick.


Nephew enjoying gator.

Beyond 365

Day 224:

Today I am…  Enjoying the memory.  So last my friend came to town, we hung out and enjoyed one another’s company.  We went down town, to sixth street, it was a pretty hot and humid night, I am sure we lost at least 20 pounds, ok, I could be exaggerating I am sure it was like 3 pounds lol.  Anyway, I will say that it was nice getting out and downtown at night, see I never go downtown at night, not by myself anyway, and she was game, so it all worked out.  We had delicious frozen bananas from Bananarchy,  we dinned on slices of pizza from a pizza place down on sixth, it was delicious, we enjoyed some music, and watched people, yes, I will say that it was a good time had.

Now we didn’t get back to my apartment till around 1 am, we both had to be up early, so I got a couple of hours of shut-eye, before I had to head to work.  Lol, crazy fun indeed.  I hope to see my friend again when she comes back to Austin, whenever that may be.    Not my friends, it is time for a much-needed nap.  Enjoy your day.

Today I am…  Enjoying the memory.

Beyond 365

Day 146:

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!  So today I will be heading out once again to the Pecan street festival.  I happened to have gone yesterday after work, I met up with a co-worker, and we enjoyed the sights, of course I wasn’t able to go home, change and bring my camera, I only had my phone, and I took some photos, of course if you want to see those photos, just go to the side of my blog and I will have them posted on my instagram feed.  But today I am taking my camera, and will get some more shots, and post them once I get back today.  The music was good, and it was hot out.  We walked, and walked, and walked till our feet hurt, then it was time to head home lol.  In all it was a great time, she even bought me a couple of rings from a couple of the vendors, will eventually get to posting that as well.

I so enjoy things like this, and this is definitely why I love living in Austin, there are just so many things to do and see, and you really should not be saying there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, even if you have been to some things before, there are always other things to do and explore in this town.  One of the places I would like to find and take photos of is Graffiti park, from the photos I saw from atmtx’s blog, it is definitely a place to photograph.

So let me start my day right, time to listen to Shoreline online, get the word of the Lord in me, and then head out to the festivities.  Here’s to hoping that you too are having a great weekend, for Monday’s come way to quickly.  Enjoy my reader’s and friends, enjoy.

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!


Finally getting around to posting a couple of photos from my time spent at the 2013 Pecan Street Festival.  It was fun, it was crowded, and it got a little bit rainy, but I was smart and took my umbrella with me.  There were some really rockin’ bands playing.  This one band I don’t know their name, but they were really good, they had a cuban sound to them, perhaps they were a cuban band, either way I really enjoyed watching them.  I took in a couple of other bands as well.  I had some cheesy tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck, I must say they were very delicious, and ended up washing all that down with a Cup of Lemonade from a vender stand on the corner.  In all I had a pretty swell time.  I hope to enjoy the festival again next year.  Indeed a year of firsts.  Hope you enjoy the photos below.


Another band

Gems rock

Gettin it done

Grilled cheese truck

Hot band

Marble figures

Petting zoo