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Moved back in…

To my apartment, me and the little girl.  She sniffed, slinked, and scurried around the place.  Meowing loudly, finally getting familiar with things.  She loves the new cat tree, got a real bargin at pet smart.  What I thought was 99 bucks, was on sale for 69 dollars.  Oh believe me, I spent money last night, between the cat and some food for myself, I almost wept, but it was necessary.

I now really look forward to coming home after a long days or nights work to see my kittie girl.  Now that she is mine and my responsibility.  Anyways, there are great responsibilities as a adult I have to do Monday, one of which, need to update my resume.  I am trying to stick with this job, for at least a year, not sure that will happen, as so much nonsense is going on there.  So that is that.

Last weekend, went to the free day at Zilker, went to the botanical garden.  Invited nephwe and sister who have never been, it was great fun.  Photos below.

Welp, until the next adventure, keep it fun.

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 5:




A day at the Capitol, This was the first trip that I took with her and my stepdad when they came to visit me In September of 2013.  She loved going down to the Capitol, her and I were alike, when it came to exploring new places.  I remember several times going to the Capitol with her, we finally even ate at the Capitol Grille a couple of times.  These are the very good memories that I will keep.

My Corner…

Exhausted , taken aback from the sight of mom laying there all plugged into machines and tubed up.  tried not to cry, did  not work.  I just want her well and home.  It is so strange, her not being here.  It hurts, but she is still in the land of the living, just in a place, hard to get to.  spent a good two hours with her, had some family down yesterday, moms sister and brother, so hard seeing her this was.  But she is strong, as strong as those veins of hers, she will make it.  I have now become the keeper of handling things along with her husband.  when he cant because of work, I take over.  It is all new, Trying to keep things in order, what needs to be paid, and when.  I have to also keep up with my things being paid as well, this is part of being an adult, handling these things that happen.  So much yo do, it is hard to keep days straight.  work,hospital , home… rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat . The nurse said it will take time.  she is not ready to be without rhe ventilator.  But when she is, we will be there for her.

Exercising my Rights…

To Vote that is.  This morning I took advantage of the early voting that is going on, and I went to one of the polling places, and voted.  I am so happy I did.  What will be, will be, early voting continues until Friday.  My mom will try to vote tomorrow, or this coming week.  Speaking of my mom, she is doing a bit better, I think they are done taking blood from her for now, she continues on medication, until she is approved for this clinical research trial.  Keep prayers.

I am also in the midst of searching for a job closer to home, will keep updated on that as well.  Life had been something else, this year, has been something else.  But I am still alive and living it the best that I can.

Hope you are exercising your rights as well.

Another year disappointed 

Another opportunity that the f-1 Fanfest blew, that is only my opinion. Really, there was nothing interesting going on;and that is a shame.  There was no music, no sporty racing cars on display like two years back.  It was bland.  I was in and out of downtown that quick.  Facebook was there doing some occulus vr stuff.  Not interested, welp another year gone and a complete washout for me.  Maybe next year will hold something better 😔.  Enjoy your Saturday readers.

What was I thinking…

Apparently not the right thing.  Today, I decided to get out of the house.  Not sure where I wanted to go.  Somewhere, anywhere.  I jumped on the bus and headed to ross, it is such a sunny, pretty day out.  Decide to catch the one going to the far transit station on the south, then ride the one back to the north.  All was going well and the ride was peaceful,until downtown; then the bus fills up with noisy teenagers.   I had forgot that today was the second weekend of ACL fest.  Now I almost to the transit so I can head back north.  I am ready to be home.  Will probably sit outside on the patio and enjoy the rest of my day.  Here’s to a quiet Saturday.

Constant cravings…

Well today anyway.  Today the weather is cloudy, rainy, humid and calm.  Yes, it is a pretty quiet Saturday.  You know the kind that makes it feel as though it is not even a Saturday.  So the rents and I took a little trip to Brady, TX.  Just to get some barbecue.  Sure there are tons of bbq places in austin, heck I really do need to get some, and do a comparison.  Anyway,  the ride was great and the bbq sandwhich was delicious.

If you happen to stop in Brady, Texas this place will not dissapoint.