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Beyond 365

Day 47:

Today I am…  Dazzled by colors.  The wonders of Luminairiums.  I ventured out on this beautiful day to the Long Center, where the Architects of Air were.  Being my first time there, I have to say it was awesome, I am hoping if they come next year, I will get to go back.  If they should ever come to your town or state, I highly suggest going.  You to will be dazzled with the colors of light.  So here are some of the photos I captured today.  Hope you enjoy.

Today I am…  Dazzled by colors.


Architects of Air structures from the outside

Structures of air



Walking through

strange days

Red green


Passing by

Passage ways inside

Magenta blue


Intertwined colors

eye of color

Kaleidoscope of colors



dark to intense

dark blues pink and reds


blue red intensity