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Moved back in…

To my apartment, me and the little girl.  She sniffed, slinked, and scurried around the place.  Meowing loudly, finally getting familiar with things.  She loves the new cat tree, got a real bargin at pet smart.  What I thought was 99 bucks, was on sale for 69 dollars.  Oh believe me, I spent money last night, between the cat and some food for myself, I almost wept, but it was necessary.

I now really look forward to coming home after a long days or nights work to see my kittie girl.  Now that she is mine and my responsibility.  Anyways, there are great responsibilities as a adult I have to do Monday, one of which, need to update my resume.  I am trying to stick with this job, for at least a year, not sure that will happen, as so much nonsense is going on there.  So that is that.

Last weekend, went to the free day at Zilker, went to the botanical garden.  Invited nephwe and sister who have never been, it was great fun.  Photos below.

Welp, until the next adventure, keep it fun.

Springing Forward…

Daylights savings time begins again, this time we spring forward, so we lose an hour.  I like that it gets dark later now, that is good for me; since I ride the bus, and I hate walking to the bus stop at 6 and it is dark, so this gives me a little more light out.  The days are just running into one another, so quickly that I am not able to catch up with things.  Next week, it will be 3 months since the passing of my mom, I still cry, last night I had a good cry with my sister.  I will be so happy once I can stop crying, and just have that sense of peace and calmness inside of me, no tears, just being able to talk about her, without having to tear up every time.  In time, in time it will get there, just have to be patient.

Lots is going on with work, lots of things we are doing, we got in live plants and flowers, and they are selling like crazy, I have been thinking that soon, I will get some.  I have been working hard this week.

I have been working on getting my apartment ready to receive my cat princess.  I will be getting her a new litter box, and also a new cat tree, so that she will be right at home.  Also getting a new sectional and area rug.  Once I get that done and situated, I will post photos.

South by Southwest is in town now, not plan on going to any of it, I just do not really have time or patience for it.  Anyhoo, life goes on.  I at least have Monday off, so will make the best of it.  Until the next time friends, enjoy!

Summer clean up…

So today I took off work, needed a little mental break.  Today was well needed.  So me and mom did some end of summer claening of my storage.  When they came here a year ago, they stored their stuff in my storage.  So now, it is time to clean, throw away, shred, donate stuff they will not need.  We are almost done, with the exception of a couple of boxes.  Then the stuff they need to keep, and want to take to their apartment they can.  

Speaking of work, it has been going.  I am hanging in there, abour to go from tier 1 to tier 2 in another week.  I can say it can be trying at times;but nothing like my last call center job.  To be continued!!!



So trying to get new plates for my apartment.  I bought the chevron pattern dinner plates, but couldn’t find any of the salad plates to match,  BTW got these at Ross.  So went to several ones an still couldn’t find the smaller plates.  So I bought these with the little patterns.  I think they will go good together.  Just trying to get a new scheme of thing going in the kitchen.  Also, looking for new things for the apartment, decided to renew my lease for at least another year.  Gives me something to do.  Once it gets finished, will post photos.  Enjoy your night.


So the night before last, my mom’s truck was broken into.  I say that, because there was things taken out and thrown about onto the ground.  We did not know till the morning.  On her way to taking me to work; there were several sheriff’s in the parking lot of her complex, taking statements from others who had their vehicle broken into as well.  Thank God the person did not shatter her windows, other people were not so lucky.  A couple of funny things is that he took a box of sketchers from my moms truck.  Little did he know the only thing in that box was a very worn pair of Payless champion shoes.  He also took my half full bag of jolly ranchers and my mom’s flashlight.  Of which was recovered.  Believe me, there will be more awareness now!  It could have been much worse than that.

Lesson learned

Now my mom has always said, experience is the best teacher, or a lesson learned is a lesson earned…  something like that, anyhoo, I do believe I have learned my lesson.  Today having my apartment carpet cleaned, complementary cleaning from the complex.  So the lesson of this story is…  I will be getting an area rug; so as to not have much to worry about come the end of my lease next year.

When one door closes…

Seems as though the new apartment move will not be taking place at this time.  Mom and dad will be staying where they are for now, and I will keep the apartment I am in for another year. 

This door may have been closed, but God always open up another.  So I will not pout.  It will all be good.  God has something far better in store.  Things happen for a reason.  That is all.

Taken’ Care of Buisness.

So today things got taken care of, that needed to be taken care of.  Papers got turned in for the apartment and deposits got handed over, now just background and credit checks need to take place.  The official move in date will be next month of course, things still need to be done on my end.  I will need to get the electricity changed over, still much work to be done. 

My day off has been spent doing this.  Back to work in the morning, I really am looking forward to this.  I am also hoping to get tickets for me and a couple of co-workers to go see Cirque du soleil.  Stay tuned…

The fourth fireworks down town was spectacular.  Pat and I went, I have photos, just have not shade the time to put them up, or get them edited.  They will be up this coming week.  It was plenty nice.  Hope your fourth was just as great.

July seems to be starting out amazing.