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So I do believe it was a couple of weeks ago, that I and parents got word that we would not be able to get the apartment together, well I got better news now, that did not stop my mom and dad from looking even more, so they looked, and they got the apartment that they were looking at, it is a luxury one, it is very spacious, even though it will Cost $$$  that is alright, because it is what they want.  So everything did indeed work out alright, I still have my apartment, and they will have theirs as well.  The perk is that they will be living just down the street from me, a couple of apartments over, and that is amazing, I love that as well, they are not right there, but not far away as well.  It all works out.  I can just walk up the street to them if need be, and I am sure I will find myself over there more than I am at my own apartment.  Oh God is so very good!

Getting over that first hurdle…

To which I have done.  That hurdle being a transfer to a bigger apartment within the apartments I am staying in.  I will be moving to a two bedroom apartment next month, of course I will have roomies, those roomies are my parents.  Yes, I am back to living with mom and dad for a little while, at least the good thing about this arrangement is that I do not have to move back to San Angelo, they are moving down here.  I am pretty happy to see them move here, with the cost of things, we will help each other out greatly.  I don’t believe this is a step back for me, just a step in a different direction.  Here is so much different than in Angelo.

My mom is totally excited to be moving here as well, this will help her a lot with getting some stuff done that she has wanted to do with her lyrics and poems and such, well at least that Is what we are both hoping for.  Things are a lot different now between my mom and I, we have a better understanding of one another, in the time I have been away, even though she has been down here a lot, it still was space that we both needed to happen.  So It is a good thing in my eyes.

Now I can at least show her some of the things I have been experiencing and get her wrapped up in some of these things as well.  So stay tuned to just another chapter in the brighter side of forty’s life.

P.S.   HAPPY FOURTH Y’ALL, always keep it safe and fun.