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My Corner…

Exhausted , taken aback from the sight of mom laying there all plugged into machines and tubed up.  tried not to cry, did  not work.  I just want her well and home.  It is so strange, her not being here.  It hurts, but she is still in the land of the living, just in a place, hard to get to.  spent a good two hours with her, had some family down yesterday, moms sister and brother, so hard seeing her this was.  But she is strong, as strong as those veins of hers, she will make it.  I have now become the keeper of handling things along with her husband.  when he cant because of work, I take over.  It is all new, Trying to keep things in order, what needs to be paid, and when.  I have to also keep up with my things being paid as well, this is part of being an adult, handling these things that happen.  So much yo do, it is hard to keep days straight.  work,hospital , home… rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat . The nurse said it will take time.  she is not ready to be without rhe ventilator.  But when she is, we will be there for her.

I love candy…

Oh how I love candy, no lie my friends, I have such a sweet tooth.  I am undisciplined, when it comes to candy or sweets, I try, oh how I try, but the end results…  Well, lets just say, I end up eating more than I should.  So to combat this, I end up putting bags of candy in my moms car.  Knowing that I will not eat it all up, I can snack on it whenever we go somewhere in her truck.  For me, that is really the only way, the only way right now, I eat less, and there is always a little treat, when I get in my moms truck.  Win, win.

On the job note, there have been about 5 to 6 jobs I had to turn down, only because they were too far for me to travel.  The fact that I travel by bus, it has to be places that have good access, and even if I do have to walk, it can not be miles, and miles away from said bus stop.  Because I am probably going to have to do some nights until I am able to get the time frames I am looking for.  It isn’t that bad, I am glad that the calls are coming in.  I know that soon I will have employment once again.  The hunt continues.

Until then, I am catching up on Netflix shows, and television shows, and going around town with my mom, spending time with her, doing things, and just enjoying life.  So stay tuned, life in the new year, has just begun.

Prospects for the new year.

So in light of what happened about two weeks ago, looks like things are brightning up for me, the applications that I have put in, are starting to call me back, in fact there have been a couple, to which I am going to check out today.  Oh so excited, and pray all goes well.  Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned.

Ho, ho, ohhh you know… Let get on with it.

Merry Christmas family, friends, and online readers…  Much has gone on this week.  The biggest thing for me is I got laid off from my job, well not only me, but a whole lot of people got the axe.  A week ago.  I really did not hit me for a couple of days that I was jobless, but none the less, here I am, in the process of looking for new work.  I had my little pity party the day I got canned, now all that is done and over with, and it is now time to look, and search hard for a new job.  I have put in aplications, and I am so very thankful that my mom and dad live here, because they can help me out a little with things.  I am positive everyday that I will be getting a new job if not today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks.  Hey, new year,new job, new insight on life.  I am not worried, I know I will get something really soon.  That was really the biggest thing that happened to me over this week, and today it is Christmas day.  I am loving life, and enjoying it with every day The good Lord sees fit for me.

Today, mom and dad, and I went for a ride out to Waco, TX.  I do love long rides, since I don’t drive, I am a awesome rider.  The weather was cloudy, and there was a winter nip in the air, it was a pretty perfect Christmas for me.  Just about the way I like them to be.  Since I am not a cold weather person, I prefer to have a blue sky kind of winter Christmas day, hey, it is just the kind of person I am.  For me, the weather has been awesome.  Still like a spring /fall kind of week.

Soon the year will be ending, and a new year will be starting, I look forward to  another beginning.  Here’s to a very merry Christmas my friends, family, and readers.  Hope that your day is just as Merry.

Taken’ Care of Buisness.

So today things got taken care of, that needed to be taken care of.  Papers got turned in for the apartment and deposits got handed over, now just background and credit checks need to take place.  The official move in date will be next month of course, things still need to be done on my end.  I will need to get the electricity changed over, still much work to be done. 

My day off has been spent doing this.  Back to work in the morning, I really am looking forward to this.  I am also hoping to get tickets for me and a couple of co-workers to go see Cirque du soleil.  Stay tuned…

The fourth fireworks down town was spectacular.  Pat and I went, I have photos, just have not shade the time to put them up, or get them edited.  They will be up this coming week.  It was plenty nice.  Hope your fourth was just as great.

July seems to be starting out amazing. 

Will not know, if I don’t try…

New things that is, I will not know how good I can be at something, if first I never step forward to try it.  So it goes.  Today I put in an application to a job, a customer service job, ever since I heard about this company coming here, I have been thinking about putting in a job, at first I did not know where they were going to build it, but a month ago just on a ride to check out the Kirkland’s I saw the building, and today I have put in an application there.  So basically it can be either a Yes, or a No, but either way, I have stepped forward into putting myself in that position.  Yes, this is a new year for me, and with that new year, I am all about new things and adventures for my life, so send out prayers of goodness for me, and great things on new journeys.  I know there are new and sweeter opportunities out there for me.  Today I have put it out there in the universe and on the website!!!

Beyond 365

Day 288:

Today I am…  Keeping It Real!  My Faith that is.  There are some tough, struggling, times going on with me and my mom and dad.  With the progress of His eye surgery, the delays and the monetary issues, life seems hard, harsh, and just exhausting at times.  But I am keeping my faith in the one who can do it.  He knows, sees, and works things out for the better.  I will not give that up…  yes! It looks troubling, but stay true!  He is right there. 

So right now, just waiting on the bus.  Life can be trying, I am a warrior and I will be great.  I am putting in applications for an evening job.  Make a bit more extra, with the holidays coming up.  Stay tuned.  Still enjoying the day job.  Got to do what you got to do in life…  no excuses.  What comes with being an adult. 

Today I am…  Keeping It Real.