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Beyond 365

Day 136:

Today I am…  Counting the days.  Well it looks like there is just 6 more days till the end of April, and boy it has been a month of weird weather, today I look out and it is cloudy, and looks like we will be getting some showers, there haven’t been many sunny days this month, and we all know how much I love those sunny days!  So umbrella it looks like will be traveling with me today.  I have two more working days after today, Oy!  I am tired, six days straight can wear on ya.

Short post today, so hope all my loyal reader’s are enjoying their days, keep it safe , and always fun, what ever you do or do not do.

Today I am…  Counting the days.

Beyond 365

Day 113:

Today I am…  Welcoming April.  Why hello there April, I hope that you will be a very kind month.  I know April shower’s bring May flowers, but be gentle with your showers please.  So with that, April brings a pretty busy time for me, I really don’t think I have ever waited this long to get my taxes prepared, and now I am down to the last week of it, and I really have to get them done next Sunday, hopefully I have that day off, if not I am going to have to take off before hand and get them done.  This year it is H&R block, so I will have to shell out some money to get my taxes prepared, hopefully it isn’t going to cost me that much.  We shall see, we shall see.

I am hoping to get a new client this week at work, my other co-workers have gotten new ones, I will ask what it’s looking like for me.  I feel I am really close though to getting a new one.  The mentors have said I am doing good, and yesterday I got a good handling bonus.  So perhaps today or this work week I will be prepped and trained on a new client, stay tuned.

So here’s to a bright April family, friends, and loyal reader’s.  May your April be bountiful.

Today I am…  Welcoming April.