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Getting back in it somewhat

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on the regular.  I am very slowly getting myself back.  I know it will take a while.  Always a work -in-progress.  So this morning, the bus did not come, there I and another woman staning there.  She calls cap metro customer service, they say it is a mechanical issue, but do not offer when ir if they will send a back-up bus.  See this lousy route as it may be only has one bus making the rounds wvery our on the weekends, and two busses back and forth on the weekdays.  And it goes in a short loop, not like it was goong all the way to China and back, but just to one park and ride, then to the Howard Station. Anyhoo, this lady calls a ride share and tells me I can ride with her to the park and ride.  Now that is mighty generous.  That is my shining star of the morning.  

So getting back to myself;I’ve been cleaning my apartment, and making some changes.  So that it will accommodate my new kiddo.  Princess.

Who is now my responsibility since my mom passed away.  I am getting her a new cat tree, and hopes she takes the move and new accommodations well.  To be continued on that!

I also acquired new artwork 

This painting comes from a co-worker who is very artistic.  I hope she sells more of her work.  It will hang over my fireplace once I get thing situated.  

Winter is subsiding, soon Spring will be upon us.  Today is turing out like a spring day, so lovely in the sun.  I am enjoying it while it is here.  

Here’s to getting back…  All aboard!

My Corner…

Today is Thanksgiving 2016, this is the first holiday spent at the hospital.  I feel so lost, sitting here in the waiting room, because sitting there in moms room is a lot to take.  Trying to keep strong and not cry, but who am I fooling; certainly not these tears.  Not myself or even mom.  Here I am though,trying one min at a time.  Looking out over the top of the buildings, nothing but pale blue skies.  A beautiful Saturday, that should be spent enjoying great things with mom, instead here at this place,yeah what memories this will make.

I am not the only one, there are millions of families going through the same things or worse, but when it happens to your family it feels like your the only one.  I know that This family has the love of God, of family and friends, and even people who have just met you.  I write to alleviate the pain of this, it is my outlet, at least with this I can cry and not have to explain why.  It is difficult to talk and keep from tearing up.  Even though I know I have friends that will be there just to listen, no explinations of any kind needed.  I find a kind of solice in writing,something I need to do more of, get back to.  I am scared, I need to get back into the Word, that is what is going to keep me balanced in this time.   

This has been a year of ups and downs, I pray the 2017 year holds nothing but blessings and greatness.  Just writing this, has calmed my soul.  looking out over these buildings, peaceful and calm.  seeing the colors of the trees changing as with this weather.  Hold the the ones you love close and tell them you love them.  We never know how things will change.  Be thankful for all you have and whom you have.  So, now the tears have dried up;and I can see clearly.  Time to get my strength and conquer this fear, to move forward and keep on keeping on, because mom needs to know and feel that we as a family has her, and is onboard with her well being.  That means I need to step up.  To grow beyond what I am, I know I can. 

This has been My Corner…  Until the next time.  Happy Thanksgiving . 

A Day At The B!

That is the Blanton Museum.  Today was free admission to the Blanton, every Thursday is a free day.  So with it being my day off, thought I’d go see what was new. 

All about The Grimm Bros.  The very strange and pretty creepy pics.  Stories we all grew up on.  Here are a couple of photos from today.




A lot can be said about art, what makes it…  Well it is all subjective, art is what you make it.  I, myself think art is many different things, hey If it makes you feel something, then so be it. 

Have you visited an art museum lately, if not, I highly recommend it.

Best of Free Museum Day 2014

Photos from Bob bullock, and Harry Ransom


Windows 1

Gone with the wind

Gas pumps 1

Neil A


The Cast

Oh what a time I had, I got sweaty, because it was hot, but it was oh so enjoyable, and I hope to do it again next year, but perhaps with a plus 1.

Well the adventure is not quite over yet, this coming Sunday I will head downtown once again for the Fall edition of the Pecan Street Festival, even more fun.  Stay tuned.

Beyond 365

Day 286:

Today I am…  Not completely Up!  Yes, I didn’t get to bed till around 11 last night, so that is about 4 hours of sleep, some times, my body just will not let me sleep, so as the case last night, but here I am, have to be at work by 7 am this morning, oh perfect joy.  Happy Monday y’all!  Anyhoo, yesterday may have started out rocky, but it ended on a pretty good note, I knocked out two museums, that I had never been to, got some good photos, and enjoyed the day.

These photos here are from the Harry Ransom center.  They have an exhibit of making of Gone With The Wind, being I have never seen this movie, all they had going on was pretty dang amazing.  Looks like I may have to get to watching this Classic.  But for now here are just some of Scarlett O’ Hara’s Dresses.


Scarlett O' Hara's Burgandy gown front

Scarlett O' Hara's Blue velvet wrapper

Scarlett O' Hara's curtian dress

Scarlett O' Hara's dress 1

Scarlett O' Hara's wedding dress

Oh I am sure she had plenty more to offer here, but these are the dresses they had on display.  It was a pretty cool showing.  I might have to just go back.  Oh well, for now I better get this cup of coffee into me and get ready to start my day.

Today I am…  Not completely Up!

Beyond 365

Day 146:

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!  So today I will be heading out once again to the Pecan street festival.  I happened to have gone yesterday after work, I met up with a co-worker, and we enjoyed the sights, of course I wasn’t able to go home, change and bring my camera, I only had my phone, and I took some photos, of course if you want to see those photos, just go to the side of my blog and I will have them posted on my instagram feed.  But today I am taking my camera, and will get some more shots, and post them once I get back today.  The music was good, and it was hot out.  We walked, and walked, and walked till our feet hurt, then it was time to head home lol.  In all it was a great time, she even bought me a couple of rings from a couple of the vendors, will eventually get to posting that as well.

I so enjoy things like this, and this is definitely why I love living in Austin, there are just so many things to do and see, and you really should not be saying there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, even if you have been to some things before, there are always other things to do and explore in this town.  One of the places I would like to find and take photos of is Graffiti park, from the photos I saw from atmtx’s blog, it is definitely a place to photograph.

So let me start my day right, time to listen to Shoreline online, get the word of the Lord in me, and then head out to the festivities.  Here’s to hoping that you too are having a great weekend, for Monday’s come way to quickly.  Enjoy my reader’s and friends, enjoy.

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!

Beyond 365

Day 80:

Today I am…  Taking in the arts.  Today was such a beautiful day, I decided to spend it downtown at the art museum.  I even rode the new metro rapid bus, I can say I just don’t feel it’s worth the 3 bucks you have to pay, but that is a story for another day.  It was a smooth ride, not many people going downtown on it, but coming back up town, well it was pretty full there.  I will ride it again, I say it’s an alright bus, just alright.  To be continued.

So went to the Blanton Museum, today was free admissions day, every Thursday is free, and since it was my day off I decided to hit it up.  Camera in hand these are a few of the photos I took, I will post more photos another day, but you have the pleasure of seeing a few here.



bones and pennies photo 1

square of squggles


Enjoying a day at the museum

eyecatcher 1

I had quite the adventure today.

Today I am…  Taking in the arts.