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My Corner…

Today is Thanksgiving 2016, this is the first holiday spent at the hospital.  I feel so lost, sitting here in the waiting room, because sitting there in moms room is a lot to take.  Trying to keep strong and not cry, but who am I fooling; certainly not these tears.  Not myself or even mom.  Here I am though,trying one min at a time.  Looking out over the top of the buildings, nothing but pale blue skies.  A beautiful Saturday, that should be spent enjoying great things with mom, instead here at this place,yeah what memories this will make.

I am not the only one, there are millions of families going through the same things or worse, but when it happens to your family it feels like your the only one.  I know that This family has the love of God, of family and friends, and even people who have just met you.  I write to alleviate the pain of this, it is my outlet, at least with this I can cry and not have to explain why.  It is difficult to talk and keep from tearing up.  Even though I know I have friends that will be there just to listen, no explinations of any kind needed.  I find a kind of solice in writing,something I need to do more of, get back to.  I am scared, I need to get back into the Word, that is what is going to keep me balanced in this time.   

This has been a year of ups and downs, I pray the 2017 year holds nothing but blessings and greatness.  Just writing this, has calmed my soul.  looking out over these buildings, peaceful and calm.  seeing the colors of the trees changing as with this weather.  Hold the the ones you love close and tell them you love them.  We never know how things will change.  Be thankful for all you have and whom you have.  So, now the tears have dried up;and I can see clearly.  Time to get my strength and conquer this fear, to move forward and keep on keeping on, because mom needs to know and feel that we as a family has her, and is onboard with her well being.  That means I need to step up.  To grow beyond what I am, I know I can. 

This has been My Corner…  Until the next time.  Happy Thanksgiving . 

Lots and lots of cars, oh my!

So yesterday my mother, sister, nephew, and I went downtown to see all the new shiny cars at the 2015 Austin Auto Show.  It was a blast of course, so many cars, so many possibilities lol.  Well not really for me anyway, since I don’t drive.  But that does not stop me from looking, there are definitely cars I love, and like and sat in.  I have never sat in a Mercedes, and yesterday was my first time, and oh let me tell you, I could fell the luxury of this vehicle.  There were other luxury cars on hand as well, there was a few that no one could get into to even sit in.  In all, I had a wonderful time, and it was nice that the fam was spending it enjoying the cars as well.  If you live anywhere they have auto shows, I say, you might want to check them out, they are loads of fun, that is if you like stuff like that.  And on that note, here are a few of the cars I saw.  Hope you enjoy.

auto3                                    auto5

auto16                                 auto21

auto27                                  auto24

Beyond 365

Day 158:

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!  Today is the day my reader’s and friends, today is the 2014 Austin auto show, where all the new 2015 cars and vehicles will be showcased in lights.  I really have been looking forward to this for a while, and I told myself, hey if I am able to get to this again, then I shall.  And shall I will.  Photos will be posted as soon as they are edited and ready to be put up, but if you happen to check out my instagram, I will have photos posted there as well.  Sorta like a very quick and instant view, before I get my photos from my camera up.

Today is also the last full day and night that my mom will be here enjoying Austin with me.  She leaves out tomorrow morning, I have truly enjoyed, and enjoy the time spent with her.  So let me get my magnificent day started, here’s to new rides my friends and reader’s.  Enjoy your Saturday.

Today I am…  Checking out new rides!