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Another day Kirk, another day

Looks as though my meeting with the original P.I.M.P  of space “William Shatner” will not happen, not this year anyway.  As I will not be attending Austin Comic Con.  Life happens.  $$$funds get redirected to more important things and there it is.  I was looking forward to attending, but there is one happening in October of next year.   I wonder how Shatner feels about the way the new Trek is playing out, especially the way Chris Pine is playing young Kirk.  Looks like it is time to invest in a total trek collection.  To be continued.

Looks as though the weather is turning once again.  There is suppose to be a long cold front heading in.  I work till 10 tonight, so I better take my umbrella and jacket with me.  It is starting to look really gray out, and that to me means winter bleakness is on its’ way.  I am holding my own though.  To be continued.

So glad this will be my first “black Friday” not working.  Praying for more of those to come as I travel through this thing called employment.  Until the next time we shall meet my reader’s.  Enjoy yourselves.