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Just walk away

I have never really understood why people just don’t walk away when told.  Last night while waiting for the bus, a cop stopped these two guys walking, for what reason I don’t know, but they were having some kind of talk to one of the guys, and they started to search him, well he got loud and started to pull away from the one cop, which led to his friend trying to get involved, well the other cop told him to walk away.  As they continued to search the guy, they put the cuffs on him the one they were searching, while his friend was talking loudly to the cop.  Well it would seem to me that the guy that wasn’t being arrested should have just stayed out of it.  Because he was looking to end up in the other car if he had not walked away.  Now I don’t know what trouble was going on there, but I personally, have never had any problems with the police, and plan on keeping it that way.  If they should ever stop me for something, I am not going to talk back and get all wild, just going to answer the questions, see I have nothing to hide, so I should not be afraid of the police.  So many people I know have stated their dislike, distrust, and so on towards the law.  Especially young black males, and females.  It can be a slippery slope especially being a person of color in this world.  I do my best to stay out of trouble.

But you can always choose to do so, whatever it may be.   Just my thoughts.