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Beyond 365

Day 330:

Today I am…  Listing it off!  Yes, I have been thinking about the Thanks Giving holiday.  Now last year,I spent it with Riki and her family,but this year I am well ready to do this on my own.  Mom may not make it down, and it is a blackout day on the work schedule meaning, that we an not schedule to have that day off.  I am aware some will get it off and some will not, so If I do have to work that day…  it is what it is.  So I am going to prepare my first little Thanks Giving meal.  Not a whole lot,I do not want yo overwhelm myself.  Just a chicken maybe cornbread dressing, ham, with cranberry sauce.  Of course Pecan Pie, I think I might just have to pick one up from Royer’ pie haven.  Anyway. I am feeling tings of excitement here.  Oh! This is a season of many Thanks.

Today I am…  Listing it off!

Yum, yum in my tum, tum

So here are the photos of my baked bbq chicken wings and velveeta mac n’ cheese.  It came out really well.  Seems like I am becoming more familure with my oven, and stove top.  Enjoy the photos.


goin in

Chicken going into the oven.


coming out

The finished product.  Yumalicious indeed.


velveeta mac n cheese

Very, very, very velveeta cheesy!


This should last me the next few days, I made enough for a small army, lol.



Beyond 365

Day 208:

Today I am…  Baking!  Yup, there are a couple of co-worker’s that I promised to bake up my whole wheat pumpkin bread, so today I am about to have this apartment smelling delicious.  In the midst of all that is going on with me health wise, I still want to bake up something yummy for them.  Nope, I don’t want to be a Debbie downer this day the Lord has given.  All will be well.  Today I also have to do some cleaning around here, tomorrow I am getting my carpets cleaned.  After that is all done with, I am thinking of purchasing an area rug for the living room, so that the carpet can at least have a chance at staying clean.

life is what you make it, so go out an make it the best it can be.

Today I am…  Baking!

A baking we will go

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day.  What will you be giving thanks for, and more important what will be on your menu?  This year I will be spending it with new friends.  What is on the menu, I do not know, but looking forward to finding out and eating.  I am bringing whole wheat pumpkin bread though.  Baked by my on hands.  Photo below.


Here’s hoping it is well liked.  Baked it today since I have to work tonight and do not have time, so all that is left for me is to be picked up and taken to the destination. 

I am very thankful this year.  May your holiday be filled with blessings, family, friends and plenty of good eats.