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The road less traveled…



Looks like this road will finally be less traveled by both my mom and dad.  The road between Austin and San Angelo.  Today, me and mom traveled to San Angelo to finish up getting prescription’s for him.   He is down here fully.  And the good news is that he will start his new job in the morning . He will be working,  for United moving.  Yup, already on a job.  It is all good.  So this road will not be traveled often.  There will still be times that they will go, but for now, these wheels are heading home to Austin Texas.

Destination unknown

Here on this rainy Sunday, which happens to also be Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s online and off.

Riding on the bus to I don’t know wherevilles.  All I did know, was I had to get out.  Still not sure to where.  I have my camera just in case.  It rains on and off.  Just one of those kinds of days you want out of house or in my case apt.  Anyhoo enjoy your day.

Beyond 365

Day 11:

Today I am…  Choosing.  I am choosing to get myself back on track, I am choosing to start exercising and eating less junk, I am choosing to start over again, to put in the hard, very hard work.  I have failed many times, starting and stopping, starting and getting off track, starting and giving in.  Once again I am starting, that is the hardest steps to take those first steps forward in anything you do, one step begets many and in turn you are on your way, well my friends and reader’s I am on my way once again.

Today I am…  Choosing.

Thank you…

For Joining me on this new Journey in my life, I hope that I can continue to fill these pages with my thoughts, and the things that I see through the lenses of a camera.  I look forward to this new chapter, this thing called growth.  Life is to be enjoyed, and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest of my capabilities.  Thanks for joining.  Tomorrow is the big move.  Stay tuned friends; let the adventure begin.  🙂


To my new blogging place.  I thought that I would get a fresh new perspective on life; my life by creating a new blog.  The brighter side of 40 is a blog about my transition into being a real adult on my own in the big city of Austin, Texas.  The loss of love, and the beginning of all things new.  Life as I see it, as I feel it and as it is.  Turning 40 and all that comes with it.  So I look forward to new subscribers, and also subscribers from my other blog.