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Beyond 365

Day 300:

Today I am…  41!  Yes!  I made another year.  By His Grace.  How does 41 feel?  I say it feels like 40, but I know I am a bit wiser than the year before, and defiantly a bit stronger emotionally than a year ago.  So I say 41 is starting out pretty good.

I am finally getting myself together and have plans I want to get in motion.  More hard work to come, but I can do it.  Life is good for me.  I think 41 is going to produce good thing.

Today I am…  41!

Beyond 365

Day 295:

Today I am…  All about getting it done!  My day off and I have been pretty productive, still need to get to the bank, but after that my getting it done day will be done, and I will just relax.  Went grocery shopping this morn, so glad the HEB is open so early, it looks like we could be getting a spot of rain.

This is going to be a very busy, and crowded weekend for Austin.  ACL fest out at Zilker park, then the same next weekend!  OYVEY!  I thought I would like to attend, but that thought is far gone….  way too many people, do not think my olden nerves are up for that.  So this Saturday, if the funds are in order, I will be heading to south Austin to catch the capitol city marching band competition.  Always up for a marching band!

So I also want to take this time to wish myself a Happy Birthday week!  My actual birthday is on the 7th.  I like having the whole week to wish myself great cheer, that’s just the kind of woman I am.  I will be getting to see my dad and sister from California a couple of days later, so that is a great 41st birthday gift for me!  Yes!  Life is good.

Today I am…  All about getting it done!

Beyond 365

Day 257:

Today I am…  Content!  Content in my life, at the moment, I really do not have anything to complain about, sure there are still some things that I am working on, and through, but it does not compare to people who really do have troubles and problems.  Life is good for me.  Well the family is off back to San Angelo, they had a great time here, and I had a great time with them.    Did decide not to do Batfest, think it was a good idea, for we did happen to go downtown, me, my sister, and nephew, I showed them down sixth street, then we went over to the barton creek mall, by the time we had finished and caught the bus, it was around 6pm, we didn’t pull back into the park in ride until 9 pm, but my mom picked us up from there.  I do love the downtown area at dusk to-night, it is full of sparkle and all aglow.

When we got back, mom had cooked smothered pork chops, veggies, and whipped potatoes and a salad, we ate, and sat around watching the movie Divergent, which was pretty good.  Then it was off to bed.  Yes, the day was fun and filling.

This morning was pretty good as well, we went to breakfast at the IHOP, then came back and watched a couple of movies on Netflix, then they got ready and headed back.  I will see my mom and dad next month, dad has to go back to the doctor to see how his eye is progressing, then they will put the lens in.  Sister starts her new job, and nephew is back to work, so all seems to be good.  I have tomorrow off, but I will be having lunch with a friend and co-worker, whose birthday was last week, so I am treating her to a late birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, oh my!  How I love cheesecake.  So here’s to the end of a fabulous weekend, and to the start of another great week.

Today I am…  Content!

On her 63rd Birthday…

We had fun, we enjoyed the day, I bought her what she wanted, we went to the Barton Creek Mall, she loves that mall, we had lunch, and enjoyed one another’s’ company.  It was a great time had by both.  I love my mom, and I love when she comes to visit me, there is enough space between us; that we are not underneath one another like it has been, and there is enough time away to miss one another and enjoy the visit when she does come down.  Yes, she still wants me indoors before dark, but like I have told her, It can not always be that way, hey, I work at night some times, and I also like to spend time out.   Something I don’t think she will ever get used to, but hey C’est La Vie right!

I will be seeing her next month of course, she will be coming back down, for a little business, and of course to see me, so all is good in my land.  Still searching for jobs, but that too is all good.  My goodness, time sure is rushing by, before you blink it will be the new year.  So many changes going on in my life, so many changes coming on so fast, but that’s pretty much how it goes.  Change does not care if you are ready for it.  I’ve made it this far, of course I couldn’t have without God on board.  All things are possible with God, and I know that I am going to have what I say I have.  I have been feeling down.  This passes with each prayer I pray, I do feel the growth inside, and I want to continue to grow in the Lord’s Strength and Grace.  Time to get real with life.

There is so much that I need to do, things need to be prioritized.  furniture for the apartment, starting with a bed, then work my way across, internet for the computer, then a television with cable, a new camera, so that I can really start putting into place some photography lessons, and going out shooting with my friend, who shoots awesome portraits.  I know I have just been dragging my feet, and it is not going to do.  I  need to get up and be proactive for and in my life, all this talk is just cheap, and it has got to stop.  No more feeling down, and sorry and teary and all that jazz, time to get my shit together and get on with it.  Responsibility for my life.   Nuff said.

Life is what you make of it….  Let me start making mine!


Made the cut

That is I still have employment.  The hire on’s have decided I worked hard to be kept after the season.  This is good news.  It’s still a part time regular gig, so that still means I need to keep up the search for another pt to go with.  Or a full time.  I’d much rather have full time of course…  To be continued.

Today is a day off.  Did some deep cleaning of the apartment.  Doing laundry for the week and preparing for my mom’s visit tomorrow.  So happy to have her here this week.  She won’t be coming for Thanks Giving; but if the weather is good, then for sure she and hopefully my dad will be here for Christmas. 

Today the weather is very windy, and there is a freeze on the way, so glad I have heat and a huge coat.  It’s all good.  Well we shall see how good it stays, I am not one for the cold.  Time for hot cocoa and marshmallows .

So I will be on radio silence until the weekend is over.  To all my loyal reader’s enjoy your week and weekend, keep safe and have fun in whatever you do.


Today I turn forty.  Do not feel it, but sure I will soon enough, mind wise anyway.  Today I spent it with my mom.  She has been here since Thursday.  I am so grateful for my mom’s love.

She will be leaving in the morning, and I will be heading back to work.  It had been nice not having to spend it alone, and having the one who loves you to celebrate it with.  I mean, this is a milestone in birthday’s.  I am just grateful the Lord has given me another year. 





Milestones…  Life carries so many milestones.  You make the best and live the life you are destined for.  God has so much in store for me, I just know it.