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Beyond 365

Day 147:

Today I am…  Partied Out!  I do not regret my choice to stay at the Cinco De Mayo block party.  It was so much fun, the music was great, the people were great, and it just made you want to dance, dance, dance.  No, I didn’t dance, I did sway though.  I really must take some dance lessons, it looked so much fun out there.  I did make a brief stop at the pecan fest, but the majority of my time was being captivated by the Tejano bands they had at the block party, if you saw my clips on my instagram.  I took some photos, but still haven’t gotten them up yet, pretty soon, pretty soon.  Yes indeed, I had me a dang good weekend.  It’s always a good time downtown.  Next stop…  The Austin American Statesman Auto Show in another week.  Fun times, fun times, being around all those shiny new cars, of which I can not drive, but it’s still fun anyway.  That weekend my mom will be coming to visit, so I am going to take her to the auto show, and of course to the capitol.  I’ve got her hooked.  She has even mentioned eating again at Carino’s and Pei Wei’s.  What can I say, when you get the taste, you get the taste.  I would love to try the Roaring Forks sometime as well, they have a restaurant downtown on the corner, so who knows, stay tuned.

Well today is back to work, it’s Monday, and I would rather have another day off, it is not to be, so basically it is what it is for today.  I am going to see if I can get off early today, or tonight really.  Starting tomorrow, I have nothing but morning shifts, until Saturday, where I work the afternoon/night, then off Sunday.  So better get to gettin’ my friends and reader’s.  Hope you don’t catch a case of the Monday’s…  I sorta feel mine coming on.

Today I am…  Partied Out!