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Looks like I won’t make it…

That is to the Harry Connick Jr concert.  I so wanted to go, it is next month, and I have not the funds to attend, yes!  Being an adult means sacrificing some of the things you want to do, in order to be able to pay the rent.  Oyvey, man this adult stuff sucks sometimes.  Oh Harry, how I love you so, but I will not get to see your beautiful face, and velvety voice crooning my heart.  Perhaps another time I will be able to catch you. 

Life is moving ahead, work is getting hectic, it is the busy time during this Halloween time, I was thinking about dressing up, but have decided that it really isn’t worth it for me, ha, ha, who would I have to dazzle anyhow, I was thinking about being a sexy pirate or a sexy referee chick.  I don’t do Halloween, but I like the thought of dressing up though, anytime of the year lol.  I have been thinking that I might just stroll on down to Rack Daddy’s sports bar and grill that night, just to check out what costumes are being worn, and see if they have any rocking bands going on.  I shall see how it all goes, if I go or not.  Anyway, it would be for good photos, and I am all about taking photos of some of the stranger things in Austin lol.  

Was going to go to the Texas Book Fest tomorrow, but decided, it just isn’t worth attending by myself, there really is too much that I attend by myself anyway, this is something best shared with people who enjoy books as you do, sure there are going to be people out there enjoying books, so I literally would not be alone, but I would much rather go with friends who do, and right now my friend can’t be with me to enjoy this, perhaps another time right Olivia lol. 

I am going to try to get to some other things going on next month.  Will keep you posted.  But for now, I am outie.  Enjoy your day friends.

Here or there…

You know that feeling of when you don’t want to be inside, but you don’t want to go any where either? I am there. Today in all the month and a week that I have been in Austin, the weather is absolutely cool, and I don’t want to go anywhere and I don’t want to be inside. So here I sit on the patio watching kids play in the pool as I ponder what to do for the rest of the day. Perhaps just go and finish “Battlefield of the mind” by Joyce Meyers. Great book, I have learned so much,the mind is constantly under attack by the power of Satan, and you have to be very aware. This book has shown me so much. It comes at the right time in my life. My mom has had this book for years and I never picked it up until a few months ago. God is always on time. And when it is time, He will open your eyes and reveal things. Yes! God is always on time.