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GoT… and other shows.

Wholly dragon balls my friends, well friends who watch The Game of Thrones.  Last nights episode was Amazing!  Got to see Bran, and got to see at the end of course, what happened to Jon Snow!!!  If that wasn’t crazy, I don’t know what is, but then again it is only episode 2.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, this season is going to kick ass so hard, I am loving this show.  So glad I am able to watch it.  I will eventually have all the boxed sets.  Last night was crazy good, can’t wait to catch next Sundays episode.  Seriously people, I recommend this 200 percent.

I also recommend watching The blacklist.  With liz now dead, of course I don’t believe she is really gone, I think it is just to throw the bad guys off her sent, that have been hunting her down, they had to play like she died, but you know how writable these stories can be, I do believe that she is off for now, because she did have a baby in real life, they had to write all that into the story line, but it’s all hear say from me, I am not all that sure, but I am going with this story.  It has gotten really awesome, and since I  read that it has been picked up for season 4, I am all giddy with glee.  So watch, it is a really good show.

I am watching season 3 of The agents of Marvel, really good, really good, they also have been picked up for another season.  So, pretty much this year has been well off for things to watch, then of course there is Netflix, and the originals and things they are showing, loving every minuet of it, when I can get around to watching.  That is pretty much about it for now, so until the next time show watchers, enjoy this season, of prime time.

What A Game…

Mom bought the first season of The Game of Thrones.  My, my, my and a game it is.  Awesome storyline, great acting, could use less nudity; plenty of carnage, in all I say…  Where the heck have I been all this time.  I am going to have to do plenty of catching up.  This show is awesome!  I practically stayed up till midnight watching it, knowing I had to be up at four am to get ready for work, oh yes, I may suffer today on the grind, but I do knowing it was well worth it.  I  have a new obsession!  Let the games begin!

Beyond 365

Day 89:

Today I am…  Springing Forward!  Wow!  can you believe that it is already that time once again, where the time changes.  Sure we will be losing an hour of sleep, but it’s how it goes.  I am happy enough that starting Tuesday I can go to work now in the morning time.  That also means that it will get darker later than by 6pm lol.  Oh my, spring is around the corner, now someone just have to tell winter to let it go.

It’s pretty rainy today and suppose to be tomorrow as well, so my mom decided to leave early, I saw her off this morning, and she is on her way back to Angelo.  Well enough, because I have to go in from 3 to 11 today and tomorrow, and 3 to 9 on Monday.  It’s all good, all good.  So last night watched Catching Fire, it was really good.  Now of course can’t wait to see the final movie Mocking Jay.  I do think I will watch it again before I head out to work, so here’s to a good weekend for all my reader’s.  Keep it safe, fun, and dry; if you happen to be where it is raining.

Today I am…  Springing Forward!

Fanning the flames

And what I mean by that is, now that I have internet here, I can watch Netflix, I am watching it from my mom’s account, soon I will get my own account set up and pay for a year’s worth, so that I need not worry about having moolah in the account for it; for now I got free Netflix going on.  With that I have finally finished the first season of Torchwood.  The spinoff from the Doctor Who series.  I love me some Torchwood, and now they have two more seasons added, so there are three seasons in all on Netflix.  I just finished up season two about an hour ago, now on to season three.

Oh how you can get sucked up into such wonders, long live Netflix.  But beyond Netflix, there is season four of Justified that came out just today.  This puts a smile on my face, knowing that Raylan Givens is just x amount of dollars away from being in my clutches.  Then there is the start of season number five in January.  Actually the seventh of January, looks like I might just miss some espisodes, due to the fact that I do not have a television, that I am still working my way to lol, the season will go on, I will get to catch some, this is a promise lol.  I know, I sound crazy, but you must understand my love for this show is great.  Oh viva la Justified.  🙂

Once I get enough $$$’s I am going to add the complete box set of Torchwood to my collection.