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Beyond 365

Day 346:

Today I am…  Updating!  So I am sure you are all waiting with hungry minds as to was it worth it.  Well let me say Yes, oh yes, it was.  I am so glad I bought two.  Because, that is what I had for breakfast this morning.  Yes, I ate a hamburger, and it was yummo.  Now, I await the bus to work, where my day will be a glorious one.  My craving for this month has been satiated.  So my friends, and loyal readers, here is to having a glorious weekend.

Today I am…  Updating!

Beyond 365

Day 303:

Today I am…  Joyful!  For family, mom and dad have come down.  So both dads are here.  Dad and sister leave out this morning, heading towards Houston.  Before they go, we are all getting together for breakfast at IHOP.  I will say!  This has been a awesome 41st birthday.  I only expect the best. 

We went to the capitol and they saw it for the first time!  They were impressed.  Then we went to the Barton Mall, that is where my sister, bought me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet. All smiles from me.  We are going to make it a point to keep in better touch.  Life is good.

Today I am…  Joyful!

Beyond 365

Day 65:

Today I am…  Ready!  Today is training day, and I am ready to take it on!  I am up and getting my breakfast in, today is going to be a long day of training and then have to book to get to work at party city.  Yes, today is going to be a long day, but I am ready, ready to take it on!  Here’s  to having a very blessed, and highly favored day my reader’s hope yours goes well and you too are blessed and highly favored.

Today I am…  Ready!

Beyond 365

Day 26:

Today I am…  In the moment.  This is a beautiful Saturday morning spent with my mom,sister,and nephew.  This morning we are having breakfast at the IHOP down from where I stay.  Afterwards the rest of the family is off to the Barton Creek mall, while I will be headed to work.  I will not be getting to join in all the fun for today.   That is how it goes when you have to work.

In all.  I am just glad I got to see them.  They are hoping to move here over the summertime.  My sister and nephew.  Lol will not be long before it becomes a family affair, and they are all here.  I do not mind that.  I have my own place and I have my own things going on.  But will be nice to be able to show them Austin as I see it, and introduce them to new things.  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  In the moment.