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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 28:  ( picture this )


A beautiful Austin skyline.  The downtown buildings all lit, the atmosphere delightful.  Thus was fourth of July.  Went to see the fireworks, first time.  It was amazing, and beautiful.  They say about 100,000 people were there that day/night.  I can believe it.  The place was packed, I was one of the 100,000.  Yes!  This is the place I live, and the beauty that I see.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 27:  ( picture this )


A beautiful building, I think any way.  Just something about it that draws me to photograph it.  I probably have more photos of the frost building than anything else.  That is besides the Capitol building.  Yes, a beautiful building indeed.

The Capitol Effect

I am not sure, but the capitol of Texas could be just one of the most photographed capitols.  I could be wrong, but I know I am doing my part, I can’t even tell you how many times I photograph the capitol.  I guess you can say I love photographing it, and today as I went downtown, my eyes saw new things to photograph there.  The inside was closed due to the new year’s holiday, but the grounds were a free for all.  I saw it through new eyes, I suppose you can say new year’s eyes.

around the extension area

Outside the extension building


Capital black and white

Capitol photo

Cloudy skies over the capitol photo

Peak of the capitol photo

Yellow flowers in the window

Plaque photo

Texas memoral wall

Memorial wreath





Texas peace officers memorial wall photo

Fogtastic Day

It is almost a new day, and I know I need to be fast asleep, for I have work in the am, but I wanted to get this post out before I turned in for the night.  Today was a fogtastic day.  Not only did it rain today, but thick fog rolled in, but it was great, me and mom went downtown, we saw the tree out front, there is one that I have heard is on the inside, but did not see it, perhaps the next time we are inside the capital, we did finally get to stop into the Capitol Grill, and get a bite to eat, a first for both, then hooked up with the capital tour for the last leg, before setting out heading down congress street.  Our intentions were to see the bats fly from under the congress bridge, but halfway across the bridge it got a bit colder, and a bit foggier, so we decided that the bats could wait for another day, one that wasn’t so wet and foggy.  We headed back up congress to the bus stop, where we embarked on our journey back home.

It was a fogtastic fun-filled day, and here are a some photos I took while downtown.  Hope you enjoy.


Christmas Tree on the Capital groundsTree on the south lawn of the Capitol.


Austin State Capitol outside tree


Frost in fogFrost building.


Across the bridgeLooking across the Congress bridge.


cloaked in fogLooking back up congress from the bridge.


When it’s gone, its’ gone…

I am talking about the beautiful Austin skyline.  There are more and more high rises going up, more hotels and so forth.  It will not be long before the beauty is lost.  When will it be enough? 



Jaw Marriott in the heart of downtown, just another high rise hotel.  I love the beauty of the skyline, but soon this downtown will look so cramped, you will not be able to see anything but huge, tall, obstructions.  Oh! When will enough be enough…  you know the saying just may be truth in this situation…  “Bigger ain’t always better”.