Category: bus hopping


My brain wanders to far away places, sometimes…  So this weekend was a good one, went bus hopping yesterday, meaning I took the bus downtown, and then hopped on another bus to see where it went, before getting back to the starting place, I took two buses that day.  One was the number 3, that took me right in front of The Shake Shack, now I definitely know where to get off at.  This is a place that I want to try out soon.  There were other places that I saw on this route as well, that were need to try food places, so this makes me happy to know which bus to take.

Traveling on the bus made me wonder, there are people who live in a place, but only see certain parts of it, not ever wanting to venture out further than the eye can see, or the mind can think, some only stay in certain areas where they feel safe, some of that feeling I know, but I also like to venture out to see what is exactly out there, and what the city that I live in has to offer.

I guess I am an explorer of some sorts.  Not always wandering off, but always thinking.  Austin is the city I live in, and I want to find out all the nooks and crannies it has to offer.