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Beyond 365

Day 301:

Today I am…  Waiting.  That is right, today I am waiting for a text or call that will let me know that my sister and dad have arrived here in Austin, TX.  Yes, today is the day they come for a visit on their way to other parts of Texas.  Yes, I am very excited, I haven’t seen these two faces for almost 20 years.  That is some long time coming, yes, got my camera all charged up for some photos.  I spent most of last night cleaning the living room, re-arranging stuff, then the better part of today, cleaning, freshening, and washing things, so now that is done, here I am down at the local library, typing this blog out for the day.

The weather is a bit hot, and a little humid, cloudy, but I can deal with it.  I have today and tomorrow off, so I am not sure how the blog outlook is for tomorrow, but it just may be a very shortened one, we shall see tomorrow.  For now I am going to enjoy my excitement.  Untill tomorrow.

Today I am…  Waiting!