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Insert photo here…

Yeah, good luck with that.  I mean, I have been in a photographic slump for a while now, that energized feeling just isn’t the same, it saddens me somewhat.  I seemed to have lost that photo feeling, these days instead of being overjoyed with having this wonderful camera, that I finally bought myself last year, most days I just look at it, sitting in the corner of the apartment.  I haven’t been compelled to shoot anything really.  I practically have to make myself pick it up, the photos you see on my 52 weeks, come from my camera phone, and I barely want to even take photos from that.  I really used to think that I wanted a career in photography; possibly food photography, or something else, really now , I do not, it just seems like a drag.  I mean I love looking at beautiful photos, and some photos I take, I think, heck, I took that, so pretty, but the joy just seems to have been sucked out of me.  I am hoping that this is only a little glitch and that I will get that photo feeling back.  Until then, I will try picking up my camera, and hoping some kind of spark ignites.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 7:  ( picture this )


So I bought myself a new DSLR camera.  Still figuring out things.  Will take it out tomorrow; weather permitting.  Oh yes!  I am feeling photo snappy. 

Now picture this as well.  This day is valentines so I present to your senses.


Camera and cheesecake are my valentines to myself this year.  Figured I would treat myself.  Yeah!  So here’s to this day.  Enjoy, I know I will.