Category: Cat life

Moved back in…

To my apartment, me and the little girl.  She sniffed, slinked, and scurried around the place.  Meowing loudly, finally getting familiar with things.  She loves the new cat tree, got a real bargin at pet smart.  What I thought was 99 bucks, was on sale for 69 dollars.  Oh believe me, I spent money last night, between the cat and some food for myself, I almost wept, but it was necessary.

I now really look forward to coming home after a long days or nights work to see my kittie girl.  Now that she is mine and my responsibility.  Anyways, there are great responsibilities as a adult I have to do Monday, one of which, need to update my resume.  I am trying to stick with this job, for at least a year, not sure that will happen, as so much nonsense is going on there.  So that is that.

Last weekend, went to the free day at Zilker, went to the botanical garden.  Invited nephwe and sister who have never been, it was great fun.  Photos below.

Welp, until the next adventure, keep it fun.

Just Today…

Just today, I really did nothing much, I put in a couple of applications online, then went out into the cold blowing day with my mom, something about groceries.  Came home, well actually her apartment, and cooked with her, yum meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Looking around I shot this photo of her cat, one day she may be might cat princess, she decided to get under the Christmas tree, she loves snoozing there from time to time.


Yeah, she is definitely going to wonder, where the new sleepy place went, when we finally take the tree down, this coming week.  She sure looks cute though.

Ugh, the sitting and waiting for calls can drive one to the brink, but patience  is a virtue, it will happen, it will happen.  At least There is the return of the shows I like watching, so that is a plus.  Welp friends, until the next time.

I got the message bruh…

So the cat I have been feeding for some time now, is now having problems with this other cat around the complex, It is a Siamese cat, and it is trying to move in on his territory.  It now comes around eating his food that is out there, and they have gotten into a screeching match the other morning at 3 am on the downstairs neighbors ledge, which caused me to hurl my sandle down at them to break it up.  Yup, they were like marbles, they scattered the scene.  Anyhoo…  This morning while I was heading down the stairs, I saw what looked like cat poop, on the stair way, I am thinking this other cat is trying to send the message that he will be taking over this lot.  I aint scarred now way, I am going to make sure to keep on top of this situation.  Boy, it is cray,cray around these parts.  Hope your Saturday weekend is starting out a lot better than mine.