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I love candy…

Oh how I love candy, no lie my friends, I have such a sweet tooth.  I am undisciplined, when it comes to candy or sweets, I try, oh how I try, but the end results…  Well, lets just say, I end up eating more than I should.  So to combat this, I end up putting bags of candy in my moms car.  Knowing that I will not eat it all up, I can snack on it whenever we go somewhere in her truck.  For me, that is really the only way, the only way right now, I eat less, and there is always a little treat, when I get in my moms truck.  Win, win.

On the job note, there have been about 5 to 6 jobs I had to turn down, only because they were too far for me to travel.  The fact that I travel by bus, it has to be places that have good access, and even if I do have to walk, it can not be miles, and miles away from said bus stop.  Because I am probably going to have to do some nights until I am able to get the time frames I am looking for.  It isn’t that bad, I am glad that the calls are coming in.  I know that soon I will have employment once again.  The hunt continues.

Until then, I am catching up on Netflix shows, and television shows, and going around town with my mom, spending time with her, doing things, and just enjoying life.  So stay tuned, life in the new year, has just begun.

What A Game…

Mom bought the first season of The Game of Thrones.  My, my, my and a game it is.  Awesome storyline, great acting, could use less nudity; plenty of carnage, in all I say…  Where the heck have I been all this time.  I am going to have to do plenty of catching up.  This show is awesome!  I practically stayed up till midnight watching it, knowing I had to be up at four am to get ready for work, oh yes, I may suffer today on the grind, but I do knowing it was well worth it.  I  have a new obsession!  Let the games begin!

My review of the start of 2015

So it has been a week and a half into this new year.  So far it has been alright, started of a bit shaky; with my computer going out, and getting a verbal warning at work for taking to long on my break, and the terrible cold,freezing,rainy weather.  The flu/cold, and ceder blowing around, I have to say it has not been so bad, could always be worse in my opinion. 

Today I am off, I did brave the drizzling weather; to go to the HEB up the street,that cat that comes around needed some kibble.  He sure knows how to work the system, and our heart around here.  I also needed to get a little bit of grub for the week.  Tonight it is baked seasoned chicken quarters and California blend veggies.  Got them on now.

The weather clears, by the time I finished shopping, so decided to walk back home; was nice, got my exercise in for the day.  Especially with eating out Friday and Saturday.  Friday I treated pat and I to burgers and fries at Frans Burgers.


Yummy.  Then yesterday she treated me to Chinese.



So today I am relaxing with my coffee.


Indeed the start has not been so bad at all.  Plus I’ve already cleaned around the apartment, washed clothing for the week , washed and conditioned my hair, and now listening to tunes on the radio.  Sweet indeed.  Hope your weekend has been an agreeable one. Here is to the new week.

Beyond 365

Day 303:

Today I am…  Joyful!  For family, mom and dad have come down.  So both dads are here.  Dad and sister leave out this morning, heading towards Houston.  Before they go, we are all getting together for breakfast at IHOP.  I will say!  This has been a awesome 41st birthday.  I only expect the best. 

We went to the capitol and they saw it for the first time!  They were impressed.  Then we went to the Barton Mall, that is where my sister, bought me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet. All smiles from me.  We are going to make it a point to keep in better touch.  Life is good.

Today I am…  Joyful!

Beyond 365

Day 35:

Today I am…  Grounded.  That’s right, today I am laid up inside my apartment.  Seems my feet will not be moving too much of anywhere today, but around this apartment.  I have just taken some pain meds for the ache, but will do a little massaging on them.  I think I have overdone it.  I have these couple of days off, so I am going to try to stay off of them as much as I can.  Not sure how that will work out lol, seeing as I have a bit of go fever, stay tuned.

I got off the phone about an hour ago with my mom, seems as though I will have to wait till next month for her visit.  Bummer, but understandable.  So now it looks like I will be attending this event without her, but it’s all good, it’s all good, I have been wanting to check this out since last year.  They have been around for a long time.  Of course I didn’t know that, and first ever heard of them last year, missed going to it, because I was still living in San Angelo, but now that I reside in Austin, well I am going to go check it out, and why not I say, because this is a new year, and that means for me new adventures.

So since I will be staying in today at least, I suppose this will give me a chance to catch up on some new Netflix shows.  Here’s to Monday’s Y’all.

Today I am…  Grounded.

Fanning the flames

And what I mean by that is, now that I have internet here, I can watch Netflix, I am watching it from my mom’s account, soon I will get my own account set up and pay for a year’s worth, so that I need not worry about having moolah in the account for it; for now I got free Netflix going on.  With that I have finally finished the first season of Torchwood.  The spinoff from the Doctor Who series.  I love me some Torchwood, and now they have two more seasons added, so there are three seasons in all on Netflix.  I just finished up season two about an hour ago, now on to season three.

Oh how you can get sucked up into such wonders, long live Netflix.  But beyond Netflix, there is season four of Justified that came out just today.  This puts a smile on my face, knowing that Raylan Givens is just x amount of dollars away from being in my clutches.  Then there is the start of season number five in January.  Actually the seventh of January, looks like I might just miss some espisodes, due to the fact that I do not have a television, that I am still working my way to lol, the season will go on, I will get to catch some, this is a promise lol.  I know, I sound crazy, but you must understand my love for this show is great.  Oh viva la Justified.  🙂

Once I get enough $$$’s I am going to add the complete box set of Torchwood to my collection.

It’s only been…

Three months, I am still working things out, and getting settled in, yes, it has been a struggle for some parts, and easy and smooth in others. I have changed jobs, meaning that I no longer work at the Pottery Barn, and I now work at Party City, and this is only a seasonal job, but I am hoping to impress them with my work, so that I may be kept on after the Halloween season is done in another month or so come November. Very short story about the Pottery Barn, nothing that I wish to indulge in, just know that some things are not always what they seem, or what you envision, moving forward. I am getting help from my parents until I can really get on my feet, and I am so very thankful to them for being that support.   I have the support of very good friends as well, Because when I am feeling down and out, all I need to do is text, or call and they lift my spirits to a level well beyond.  I have been feeling down, but this too shall pass, just have to keep on moving forward, being in the Word of God, and taking those steps one foot in front of the other.

I will be seeing my mom the first week of October, she will be coming to visit me, and it makes me smile and feel good.   Since my Birthday is coming up, it makes me feel not so lonely.  I mean really, who wants to spend their birthday alone, especially their 40th birthday.  This is a milestone in my life.  Hey so I am blessed that it will be with family, that is if the Lord willing I am still on this earth at that time.   Any way, No complaining about anything else here, just getting it done.

Work is good, have met some very nice people, of course they are all younger than me, but they are still very nice. I have been going down town a lot more lately during my off work days. Have been attempting to get more of a feel of the down town area, mapping out places of music and arts, and getting back into taking photos of things, I have been in quite the funk when it comes to using my point and shoot camera, but until I can afford another Dslr camera, or a better Point and shoot, I need to break out of this funk and get back into it. Sunday I will be attending the Pecan Street Festival down town on Sixth street, then will head on over to Toy Joy, for a reading of Goodnight Austin. I will be taking my camera along, to get back into the feel of things. Mostly I have been uploading photos from my camera phone, but I don’t want to rely on that for the real feel of my photo taking, anyway stay tuned for that blog on my adventures at the festival.

I am hoping to have a stable job before the new year begins, so that I will be able to get cable and internet access, 3 months with nothing more than borrowed dvd’s when mom comes for visits, is getting old. I want to catch the new shows that are on television, and also the new season of Justified, heck, can not be missing that. It’s my show of all shows. Some way, some how this needs to happen.

The enjoyment of a day off from work, just means that there is more work to be done here at the apartment, well my friendly folks, off to get this done, enjoy your day and have a wonderfully fun weekend as well.

Catching up…

Today I am going to use this day for catching up, I have been busy running around like crazy filling out applications. If I am not doing that I am back and forth on the bus going to places to fill and pick up applications. I am tired, I haven’t had the time to really just stop and relax and enjoy being here, for it has been somewhat stressful just thinking about all the things that I need to do. But today that ends, at least for a couple of days. Today is just going to be spent blogging, catching up, and then back to the apartment, where I will indulge in some movies that my mom brought down for me.

To start, I am loving Austin, not so much loving the humidity, there are days like today, where it is not so humid, it is pretty warm out and there is a nice breeze going on, that feels like a right summer day. I am not liking that I am not getting any call backs at the moment, the ones that I have gotten, are either too far out, or in places that I wouldn’t be caught dead at night-time, well hardly want to be there in the day time either, but soon, soon I have to keep it positive that my phone will be blowing up with all the places that I have applied to, so much so, it is going to be hard to keep track of them, speaking of keeping track, I really do need to get a calendar, Oy!

Only one more day left in the month of July, and boy has it been a month. I know August holds nothing but positive things for me. I am truly blessed. My mom will be back down here in a couple of weeks to visit me again, then my sister and nephew are planning on coming down as well, we shall see, since they have only been here once, I am not so sure they know the way absolute. I have not made any friends yet, but hopefully soon, I can meet up with the Austin Bloggers on my WordPress blog for a cup of coffee, a nice ladies meet and greet. Something I truly need at this time.

It has been pretty quiet around my world, and it sucks not having people around to talk to, I would be lying if I didn’t say that at times I find myself crying myself to sleep, or the tears flowing from one thought to the other. No matter what I still miss him, my mind finds itself going back to when I would visit here and we were together having fun, I miss those times so much so, it isn’t the same when you have to do things on your own, I know that at times we must do these things, but when you have done it for so long, and then you find someone who shares it with you… But I suppose that I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

Tomorrow I am going to go out and catch the bus to find the Blanton Museum, it has been a long while and I am feeling that I need to catch up on some creativity in this city, I will probably be out and about most of the day finding places here and there, where perhaps my touch of creativity will catch a spark. As it has been lacking for a very long time. With that I think that I am going to be blogging more on this blog than the other, right now I really do need to cultivate and get this blog growing as I have with the other. I definitely need to work on trying to blog more as well from my phone, I have some bugs to work out, especially trying to upload photos, last night I only got two to upload, and well that is just not going to do, when I am taking photos from my phone and trying to get them on here, so I need to work more on getting better at that. For now I think that this will be all for the day. I hope that you are all enjoying your day. If it is a great day, get out and enjoy!