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But it’s the right thing to do…

Even though it clearly states it on the sign on the bus, that the front seats are reserved for elderly,and  disabled people.  They are always taken up by those who are not, and when the bus is full and there are women getting on board, the right thing to do is let the women at least sit down.  But that does not happen, in fact young boys and men just sit there while women and even some seniors have to stand, not even getting up to let them sit.  Is Chilvelry dead?  Is good manners and doing the right thing, just something that is or was an urban myth?

The other night me and my mom got on the bus, and it was full, now I dont mind standing up when need be, but there were young men sitting and they did not even offer to get up to let my mom sit, there was another young man there, who was talking to my mom, saying that it is a shame, that he couldn’t see sitting while ladies had to stand up.  That he was of a different mind set, that he was taught better as well.  I see it more and more, the inconsiderateness of the youth towards the older generation.

52 Weeks (picture this)

Week 4:  (picture this )


It amazes me that people can stand and walk up and down streets all day long, in the pouring freezing rain, and the hot blazing sun begging for money!

The energy it takes to do all this, they can put into getting a decent job if anything.  They can go out and do odd jobs, but they would rather beg.  Yes, it just amazes me.  My little 2 cents for the day. 

Beyond 365

Day 274:

Today I am…  In A Battle!  With all that is inside of me, the inner demons that try to control my emotional state of being, this is a hard battle, one that I will be victorious over, one that I will fight until I can overcome.  I know that sometimes, probably more than not, that I do not make a whole lot of sense with things, but my battle will be won, I will not allow the devil to keep me prisoner of my emotional state.  Everyday I pray for blessings, for Grace and to be renewed.  To forgive and be forgiven of my sins, I know God hears and does so.  God is so good in my life.  I will be a victor, and not a victim.

Today I am…  In A Battle.

Beyond 365

Day 237:

Today I am…  Making It Clear!  No, No, No, and NO, I do not want children.  Truthfully, I have never wanted children, there was a point in my relationship with Joshua, that I, we talked about having a child, once we were married, we talked, and talked, and I said sure, I wanted a child with him, but truly, I did not.  I mean I was just fooling myself into thinking I wanted one, I finally fessed up.  Of course, we ended parting ways, and truly, I am thankful to God, to not have a child.  I have said before, and I will say it once, twice, and however many times I need to.  Children, they are not for me.

One of the aspects of my life, is that I love that I do not have the responsibility of raising a child, I can come and go as I please, that is if I want to, I do not have to deal with anyone else’s emotion other than mine and when I do get a mate, his.  But children no.  Make no mistake, I do want to have my own little family, but that is with pets, me, my husband and some pets if we choose to have them.  I know that one mistake I made was pretending that I wanted a child.  This was a mistake I will never make again, the truth is the truth, and the truth is I am childless by choice, and wish to remain that way.   When ever I do get into another relationship, this is going to be one of the very first things this person will know.  None of that you want children bs, this woman is coming full force with No, no, no, and no!  Welp, think that is about all of my rant for today, until the next time my reader’s and friends.  Enjoy your Monday, or what is left of it.

Today I am…  Making It Clear!

Beyond 365

Day 199:

Today I am…  Asking Myself.  Am I tired enough, have I had enough, am I really, really, ready to let all of it go, and move forward finally.  Sure I’ve been inching along here and there, setbacks along the way, but little by little moving.  But was I really doing all that I could to make this change?  The answer to that is no, I know it, and I am sure some others have known it as well.  God has been seeing me thought all this, He is always there, even in my darkest days and nights, He is my comforter.  I thank Him every day, I will get through this, I will move forward in my life.  So the question to myself is am I tired enough, have I had enough, am I really, really, ready to let all of it go…  YES!

Today I am…  Asking Myself.

Beyond 365

Day 176:

Today I am…  Choosing to be positive.  I know you can not have rainbows and unicorns all the time, but you can choose to make the best out of situations, and circumstances.  There are always options, it depends on what you want to choose.  When you speak there is no hope, then that is what you will get, when you speak, that no one can help, or there is no help out there for this situation or circumstance, then that is exactly what you will receive.  There are always options, you can either do or do not do.

I know a person, who is having problems at her apartment complex, she feels there is no help, and said that she has gone to the manager, and there is nothing that they can do, they don’t have the power, in which I told her she is wrong in that.  The manager has the power to do something.  Apparently she is trying to take matters into her own hand, and I told her that for safety’s sake, take it to the manager, and if they can’t or won’t then take it up to someone higher, of course she doesn’t want retaliation, I know I would not want that to happen to her, but she as a tenant has rights as well, and I sent her some links to places that may help her out.  There are always options, it just depends on how you choose to handle things.  And sometimes the best thing is to leave, if it is affecting your health, and sanity, then no matter how cheap the place is, your health is worth more, or should be.  I have given her the links, it is up to her.

Today I am…  Choosing to be positive.

Just walk away

I have never really understood why people just don’t walk away when told.  Last night while waiting for the bus, a cop stopped these two guys walking, for what reason I don’t know, but they were having some kind of talk to one of the guys, and they started to search him, well he got loud and started to pull away from the one cop, which led to his friend trying to get involved, well the other cop told him to walk away.  As they continued to search the guy, they put the cuffs on him the one they were searching, while his friend was talking loudly to the cop.  Well it would seem to me that the guy that wasn’t being arrested should have just stayed out of it.  Because he was looking to end up in the other car if he had not walked away.  Now I don’t know what trouble was going on there, but I personally, have never had any problems with the police, and plan on keeping it that way.  If they should ever stop me for something, I am not going to talk back and get all wild, just going to answer the questions, see I have nothing to hide, so I should not be afraid of the police.  So many people I know have stated their dislike, distrust, and so on towards the law.  Especially young black males, and females.  It can be a slippery slope especially being a person of color in this world.  I do my best to stay out of trouble.

But you can always choose to do so, whatever it may be.   Just my thoughts.

Beyond 365

Day 11:

Today I am…  Choosing.  I am choosing to get myself back on track, I am choosing to start exercising and eating less junk, I am choosing to start over again, to put in the hard, very hard work.  I have failed many times, starting and stopping, starting and getting off track, starting and giving in.  Once again I am starting, that is the hardest steps to take those first steps forward in anything you do, one step begets many and in turn you are on your way, well my friends and reader’s I am on my way once again.

Today I am…  Choosing.