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Oh Christmas Tree, oh christmas tree…

Yes, y’all it is pretty that much time of the year, well at least it is for me, where the tree comes out and I get in the spirit to decorate, so that is pretty much what I did, no waiting for after the thanksgiving season, heck I just got that tree and did it up.

So here I sit, with a bottle of white wine today, blogging this out, and posting up pictures of the decorated tree.  The decorating was very fun, me and mom decorated this tree, I think it looks really beautiful.  Come on Christmas, I do believe that I am ready, as ready as decorating goes, since I have not even done any shopping this year, but ah, c’est la vie, I say.  So how is all your decorating for the season going, or will you just be waiting till December to put up those sparkly lights and that tree.







All that is left, is to put presents under…  To be continued!

Beyond 365

Day 364:

Today I am…  Growing!  Reaching,stretching, and learning.  Yes, I am growing.  What a difference between the years.  I have seen many things with these eyes, and have heard many things with these ears.  I have explored places, eaten new things, and have made friends.  Time will tell if they are long lasting.  I have learned more about myself this way, than I ever could the way things were before. 

I believe I am a little more wiser,and a bit more stronger from it all.  I can put forth more effort, and will.  I look around, and I see my personal growth.  I see God in my life more, I see His Favor and Grace.  The love of family, and if friends online and off.  I see so much growth.  It is a beautiful season for growth.

Today I am seeing my mother and sister.  Ladies day.  We shall shop, drink wine, and decorate my tree.  Oh, and eat as well.  Today will be an awesome day my readers and friends.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Growing!

Beyond 365

Day 323:

Today I am…  Still in phase one.  Yes today I put some green and silver garland around the window, and some lights as well.  Put some white around the balcony, but not for sure if I am going to keep it that way.  Might do something completely different for that, shall see in time.  Yes, now that is done for the day.

Got new downstairs neighbors.  They seem nice, time will tell.  Dam mosquitoes are tearing me up!  Oh the itch! 

Tomorrow is Halloween, nope, not dressing up for it, but looking forward to seeing what shows up at work.  No parties for me, just going to stay in and watch movies.  Leave all that other stuff to the ones who enjoy it.  If y’all do it, be safe out there.

More Phase One photos…



Today I am…  Still in phase one.

Phase One

So it begins…  Today, I have started my Christmas decorating.  Yes!  I said Christmas.  This is the first year I have been out of retail, and believe me I feel great.  And when I feel great, things happen.  I am getting that Christmas feeling, so I am going to indulge, and decorate.  I call thus Phase one!



These two are lights I have put around my balcony.  Tomorrow I garland.  Oh what fun this is going to be.  Yes!  Tis the season to be me!!!!!