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Strolling along…

To the sweet sounds of carolers on the steps of the capitol, so many people were down at the capitol last night, so what all the to do was about, well last night was the lighting of the capitol tree, and a down town stroll.  I had missed the last two tree lighting due to weather, and also being ill.  So being the weather was pretty dang perfect, and I was feeling pretty cheery as well, it was the perfect time to go down town and see that tree.

So I invited my mom to come along, and we boarded the bus and headed downtown.  We got there during the middle of the caroling, then it was time to light the tree.  People were buzzing about, and there was a slight chill in the air, nothing that was too much.  It was really nice out, so we gathered around the tree, and the countdown began.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1…  Lights on, and all smiles and cheers.  There was a light show, the tree itself bright with lights, sparkle and glitter.

With that, there was a downtown stroll, and food available, smells, sights, and sounds.  A perfect time, with perfect company.  With all that, here are some photos of the night.  Enjoy.

A joyful noise

The sounds of the season.  One of the first times in a long time that truly sounds great.  See, working in retail the day after Thanksgiving, it would be all day nonstop Christmas music, and when it’s that piped in stuff from muzak, there is no escaping it.  That was a real downer, so when it was actual time to be enjoying Christmas music, I was sick of hearing it.  This year total opposite I still work retail; but there is not 24/7 tunes going on, which makes for a much merrier Deborah.

I am so enjoying the sounds of this season.  My favorite song happens to be The Christmas Song.  I can listen to that song anytime of the day and night. 
A Christmas of firsts for me.  There is going to be a Christmas tree lighting at the capitol, I am going, there have been so many things I have missed out on, but now I am able to go and do.  I am living in an amazing city, time to take advantage of all it has to offer, and get some photos in as well.  I am so blessed.

So here’s to all, and the celebration of this season.