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Praise Him!

Church was stellar today, life class equally refreshing.  Just listing to praise and worship songs on pandora, makes me cry, these songs are the songs we both loved,and sang in church, and with one anither, they fill my heart.  I know she woul be happy right now knowing I am in church, that we all are in church.  Getting closer to God, His Word.  Today I am starting Proverbs in the Bible, I will read a passage each day.  God has done so much for my soul and spirit, in these times.  It is I who must draw closer to him.

I totally admire my friend Olivia, who went to Honduras, mission work.  God is totally blessing this woman, she is truly the church in this world.  I have been thinking of volunteering in the church bookstore.  To be continued…

I know there are some major areas in my life that need cleaning up, I pray to God everyday to guide my steps, to give me discernment, and give me wisdom to see the truth of things, to send the ones that are supposed to be in my life, and the ones that are not to remove the ones that do not belong.  

Did God remove mom from my life, because of a journey I need to be on, without her, I do wonder, but there are roads we have to walk.  We will never be alone, because He is with us.  Gods reasons are not our reasons.  A time,and season for all. It has been 4 Sundays since she passed.  I cried today.  It will get better, this I know in my soul.

I love you mom.

Today was a good day…

First day of the new job.  Went well, no first day jitters for me, probably because I was just way ready to get back at it.  Bills wait for no one.  I feel confident that I will do well, more like I am praying I will do good.  Stay tuned!  Today was not as hot as yesterday and the day before, I can deal with it today.  I am returning to waking up at 5 am to get the 6 am bus.  Since this job is far south, out near the airport area.  I am going to do my best, try to get a whole year in if possible, then try for something a little more closer to the north.  

Life has been chugging on for me.  Trying to keep cool in the heat of summer.  Especially since I hate staying indoors, when I can be out exploring, but for my health, I try to limit the outdoors to early mornings.  

Gonna try to get to the pecan street festival next month.  Plus going to start attending church again.  Stay tuned as well.  Well this is it for now, until the next time.  Enjoy!

Beyond 365

Day 62:

Today I am…  Not Peking In.  Nope, I do not get to go see the Peking Acrobats today, I was really hoping that I would get this day off to go see them, but sigh, it is not to be.  I have to be at work from 11 to 7, that is usually the protocol on Sunday’s for me, I am at least hoping with the new job that I can score some Sunday’s completely off, of course I think he said it isn’t going to interfere with me being able to attend church, so that is good.  I have been doing church online, but I want to be back in person, and I am going to make that happen.  There are no excuses to not being able to go if I can go.  Stay tuned.

So yesterday while I was out at the Arbor Walk, I went to vision works, to check out frames for glasses, there is an eye doctor right next door as well, I also checked how much eye exams cost, and let’s just say my eyes crossed when I heard the price.    Exams are 89.00, man oh man.  Where I came from back in San Angelo, I thought those prices were high, starting at 59 to 69 for an exam, in fact I paid 69 bucks for my last exam,  my glasses in all cost me 215 bucks.  I shudder to think how much they are going to cost me here, looking at the frames, that is just crazy, but I will continue to look around for a better price before I commit to anything.  Stay tuned on that as well.

Up and getting it done before work.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Not Peking In.

Beyond 365

Day 41:

Today I am…  Worshipping.  Online that is, since I have to work, I am not able to make it down to the church in person, but they have a telecast online, so I am able to get the Word.  Sometimes, you have to get the Word through different means.  Mine is online and through bible reading.  It doesn’t replace the actual church, as is shouldn’t, it is just a means until.  The series Favor will be concluding today, and I want to soak up all that I can.  I am so very favored, and blessed, so much so, that I want to be a blessing to others.

I wake up every morning praising His name, I look around and see so much going on and I praise Him for all that I have, and all I continue to have and be.  I know that without Him I am nothing, and can do nothing, but with Him, I have strength, power, hope, grace.  Keeping my eyes on Him.  He’s got me.

Today I am…  Worshipping.

Thank You…

My Gracious Father, thank you for Your cleansing rain.  It has been raining steady since last night.  I was going to attend church this morning;but with it raining I didn’t not think walking would be a good choice.  So instead I attended online.  Shoreline on the internet.  It was a great service.  Yes, I know it does not replace attending in person, but it for me is better than nothing.  I have been feeling my Faith tank getting low; it is so easy to miss going to church, all the excuses you can think of.  From work, to just not having the time, but you have time to attend festivals and concerts….  I can not go back to the ways of yesterdays.  God has given me so much, and continues to supply my needs.  To honor Him is to feed of His Word, and not grow weary in times of trouble.  For He is with me, my shield and protector always.  His Word is fuel to my soul and spirit.  Today I give thanks to all He provides.


So this morning I got up, made myself chicken and waffles, got dressed and headed to church. I made myself a promise, that once I moved to Austin, I would settle in church. Of course that church was the one Joshua attended, I was also going to make it my church, having gone there with him a couple of years ago and feeling right at home. Well here I am, living in Austin for about a month now. My spirit said it was time, so I caught a cab to Shoreline Church, which I will be making it my church. I had a great time this morning, and Pastor Rob gave a great sermon on serving. Faith and how faith without works is dead. Meaning get on it. Do what you believe you say you believe.

Yes, this is the church that Joshua attends; now it is the church I attend as well. My home church. Today is just the beginning for me. I have been low on my faith tank, time to fill er’ up! God is so good to me.