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All Excited

For this weekend.   I and a couple of co-workers will be attending Cirque Du Soleil’s under the big top show called KOOZA .  Indeed I am all excited about this, I have heard so many great things about this show, and basically all of their shows.  This will be my first, and I hopefully not my last, for I have always wanted to attend since I first heard of them from my 8th grade High School French teacher.  I have watched some shows on the television, and I have been hooked on getting to see them live.

The only thing I don’t like is that, there is no camera’s allowed at all for the shows, I can see somewhat of why, but I am one who loves to take photos, but this will just have to be one that will be soaked up into my memory, and you will have to visualize off the words that I will write once I write them.  The show we will be attending is on this Sunday, so I am hoping to write about what I experienced the next day or so, just stay tuned readers; stay tuned.