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Beyond 365

Day 350:

Today I am…  Feeling Well!  I am getting stronger, this little cold is being defeated.  With the last few days of this month, things are going good.  Tomorrow is Thanks Giving, I am always thankful for what the Lord puts into me.  Ah!, yes it is another good day indeed.

Cold out this morning, but suppose to hit a warm 70.  That makes me smile.  So time for me to get this day…err morning started.  Keep it gun and lively y’all!

Today I am…  Feeling Well!

Beyond 365

Day 347:

Today I am…  In a Haze!  A medicated haze that is.  Between the daytime med and nighttime medications, I just seem to be drifting along.  Yes, this that time of the year, I am talking about the dreaded fall cold season.  Yours truly has gone and got some, but hopefully, these meds will do the trick, and clear me up.  I will be stocking up on more vitamin c.  So glad it is my day off, so pajama party for one it will be.  Hope you are keeping healthy.

Today I am…  In a Haze!

Beyond 365

Day 341:

Today I am…  IN.  Another mental health break for me.  First one for this month.  I definitely need it,with all this cold about.  So here I sit in my warm surroundings, with my coffee and chocolate chip pancakes.  It is below freezing this morn, it is suppose to heat up to fifty, but would not hold my breath.  Oh!  The joys of cold.

I will enjoy this day, for tomorrow I am back on the daily grind.  So here is to your Monday,  keep it warm.

Today I am…  IN.

Beyond 365

Day 338:

Today I am…  Wrapped up!  Yes, yesterday I bought me a scarf, and my friend/co-worker bought me some super warm, green cute gloves.  Today is pretty cold out, in fact it is colder today, than yesterday, so I am getting pretty good use of these new are warm items.  (smile).  So today I do get to leave the work place early, so that means that I can take care of much-needed business.  On the agenda today is to get me some sweatpants, and ear muffs.  Get some more things to finish out phase one of my christmas decoration as well, and perhaps a couple of new movies for my collection.  In all I think that things will work out pretty good.

Yesterday me and said coworker/friend, went out to eat after work, she treated us to The Golden Wok, I must say it was so delicious, and in turn I am hoping to treat my mom, the next time she comes down for a visit, which I hope is soon.  The friend and I may just hit up the movies, and go out to eat come Thanks Giving day, that is if we both are on the same shift at work, I am sure we are though lol, but it would be very cool though, because then it would feel back to normal, even though I don’t have any problems with being alone this year, last year that was another story, but I am now pretty dang comfy with doing the holidays on my own, I am just making them a bit more fun and adventurous.

Well, I am typing this out from the work place, so time is flying and I need to head inside and get to work, the day is going great.  I just wish that it was warm, but oh well.

Today I am…  Wrapped up!

Beyond 365

Day 337:

Today I am…  Extremely COLD!!!  Yes, so it begins.  The temperatures have dropped!  I am Cold,  I am sure I mentioned to all, how I do not like the cold, because if I didn’t, let me say for the record…  I do not like the cold weather.  The older I get, the more it displeases me going through it.  Today the temp says 34°, but I say it feels a lot lower,and the scuttle around is that tomorrow will be even colder.  No I do not like.  I am going to try to find me some polar temps 360°, so that my ears do not freeze off.  I also think a scarf might help also.  Brrrrrrrr.

Today I am…  Extremely COLD!!!

Beyond 365

Day 335:

Today I am…  Getting Warmed-Up.  Oh yes,  the weather has definitely turned cold.  Tonight is a cold front night.  Here I sit with my tall tumbler full of sweet orange/ black tea blend, with a splash of lime juice.  So tonight as I sit warming myself, watching The winter soldier, I must remember that life is good.  So hope all is well in your land.

Today I am…  Getting Warmed-Up.