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Well what we all expected, has come about.  Today we were officially told the store is closing.  Something we knew would happen sooner or later.  Not sure as to the last day, but the liquidation is about to start.  So even though I have been putting in aps, need to up my game.  I hope we get our pay come the first.  To be continued!!!


So as far as work goes, I am still with the company.  They are now implementing core groups with specific skill sets.  Today I was put in the newest group, Core C, there will be 7 clients in this group, I am trained on five of the seven.  So I know classes for the other two will follow.

There will be bonus opportunities, so that makes me smile.  The downside is some of the people in this core, I will ask for extraordinary patience on this one.  To be continued.

Last weekend I attended both Saturday and Sundays Pecan Street Fest.  Always fun.  Went with a couple of coworkers,and even bought my mom something.  She should be making an appearance this way soon, like in a couple of weeks.

The weather has been on/off the past few,storms and plenty of rain.  Not complaining.  The rain is a welcome relief from the allergies.  Here’s to work,  may it continue to be blessed.

Beyond 365

Day 270:

Today I am…  At Half Speed!    Yes, it is Saturday, and today is my last day of working for this week, for tomorrow I will have a day off.  But really not going to get any rest, which isn’t so bad, my mom and dad will be down today, another rest stop for them, my dad will be heading back to work soon.  His eye is healing up really well.  I will not be asking for any time off this or next week, there is a launch for one of our biggest clients, coming out with new product, so all hands will be on deck.

I am so happy that finally we can be enrolled in the company’s health benefits.  They just rolled them out this week, so I am signed up for medical benefits.  life is good, no major complaints.  Here’s to the weekend friends and readers.  Enjoy!

Today I am…  At Half Speed!


I still have a hard time and find it very strange that each and every day that I awake, I am unknown here in Austin.  That every day is a new day, and everyday I get to reinvent myself or not, that no one personally knows me here in this city, the few being Josh, and a couple of his friends, but on the larger scale of things, I can be anyone and everyone here.  That if I make a mistake that it isn’t going to get around to my friends or family or someone who knows me.  I try not to make any mistakes, but you know they happen.  I have to keep reminding myself that when I go out looking for jobs, that I am pretty much unknown, and that I am not competing with someone who I already know, or who knows me.  Yes, always competing with the next person, but we do not know one another.  On the flip side of that, it is lonely not knowing anyone, but I know that the more I get out and get situated that I will start to know people, and build a circle.  But the right circle, I only want to surround myself with good people who have my best interest at hand, in helping me move forward and up.  So I keep a good eye out for those kinds of people.  Always asking God for discernment in the people who I meet.

Well tonight is the Open house night, I am getting the wiggles in my tummy, and you can bet that satan is whispering in my ear and trying to get me in a tumble.  I will not be defeated by him, no, I have God, and if God be for me, who can be against me, and whom shall I fear.  Nope, this is definitely my time, and my opportunity and chance, and this time I am going to take it head forward no turning back, because when I look back at the things that I have done and accomplished in my life, I don’t want it to be that I didn’t take that chance when it came.  So here’s to moving forward friends… Full steam ahead!