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Yum, yum in my tum, tum

So here are the photos of my baked bbq chicken wings and velveeta mac n’ cheese.  It came out really well.  Seems like I am becoming more familure with my oven, and stove top.  Enjoy the photos.


goin in

Chicken going into the oven.


coming out

The finished product.  Yumalicious indeed.


velveeta mac n cheese

Very, very, very velveeta cheesy!


This should last me the next few days, I made enough for a small army, lol.



Gettin’ Spicy!

Now that I am cooking more and more, I have started to use more spices, I have even started to use cayenne Pepper in some of my dishes.  Indeed this woman is getting spicy.  I am actually loving this.  I used to watch my mom throw things together, things that looked like it wouldn’t work, but it always came out delicious.  Of course she had gone to chef school back when we were young, but still, I suppose it has drifted down to me finally, that I am using spices, I am going to keep on keeping with watching shows, and incorporating different seasons and spices.  I am finding it pretty dang fun.  What works and doesn’t is what it’s all about.

Finally starting to use my taste of home recipe books, more to come.  Welp tomorrow is my big second interview, once I get back I will let all in on everything.  Pretty nervous and excited.  Here’s to all the best.  And to keeping warm.

Throwing it together

This food dish is just thrown together, and I must say it taste really good, it may not look as appetizing, but the taste is well on.  My rendition of Goulash.  This pot will take me through a couple of days before I really need to cook anything else, and the way the weather has been, I would say it is a perfect time for some Goulash.  My mom used to cook Goulash for us, and I watched her from time to time, and now here I am throwing my own goulash together.



Happy Eating Y’all!