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Constant Craving…

Oh me, Oh my!  I  think there might be time for an intervention here.  If I am not careful, I might just eat this whole bag of clementines.



I love these oranges, man oh man.  Every time I buy a bag, or my mom buys a bag for me, they are gone within a couple of days.  I can literally sit there and eat them all up, but not sure if that is healthy or not, I mean fruit is good for you, and I am sure I am getting more than my five servings in just a couple of hours lol.  They are quite delicious.

On another note, my movie collection is coming along, I don’t have as many movies as my mom has, but I am eventually hoping to rack up a collection as huge as hers.  Here is what I have so far.



Slowly, but sure this collection of mine is coming together, so what is in your collection?

Beyond 365

Day 38:

Today I am…  Seriously Craving.  I am craving some fried pickles with ranch sauce, OMG, I had never tasted friend pickles before, and when I happen to order the appetizers at The Texas Roadhouse, talk about deep-fried heaven.  Now tonight this is pretty much all I have been thinking about, is the taste of some deep-fried pickles.  I went on the interwebs and found some recipes on how to make them.  I must say that the next paycheck that comes around, I will be getting me a jar of pickle chips, and doing my own kind of frying.

I am a bit tired tonight, seeing as though I worked about three hours over my time today, oh the joys of when people call in, but hey, not going to complain any on that one there, it just means 3 extra hours added to ye ol paycheck, and that is always a plus in my book.  I am getting a little antsy with waiting to hear back from the guy at the call center, but I will be patient and give it at least one more week, before I get to dialing those digits.

I guess I will settle into some Netflix, and call it a night.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the ride.

Today I am…  Seriously Craving.