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Beyond 365

Day 153:

Today I am…  On a Spree!  A cleaning spree that is, today I cleaned bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, moped and vacuumed, wiped down counters and tables.  Clean was the scene of the day.  I just don’t want to have to do a lot of cleaning when my mom comes in on Wednesday.  Can’t wait to see her, we will be going to the Auto show on Saturday, but during the week, we will do little things here and there.

I have enjoyed my two days off, yesterday went over to friends home to celebrate mother’s day and to also celebrate one of her son’s birthdays, it was really nice, there was food, lots of her family, and of course their kids, and desserts, there were cupcakes, a big cookie cake, brownies, fruit, and drinks, of the non alcohol kinds, and of the alcohol kind, in fact I had a couple of the adult beverages.  Yummy.  I have standing invites to her house, whenever I feel like it, it is so nice to have that going on.

Even though it has been nice, and I got to rest, it is time to head back to work, I have only three days this week, since I will have the weekend off.  So need to make the most of the days I do have for this week.  At least they will be morning shifts, so that makes me smile.  Hope that you all had a great weekend, and the start of your working week was a good start.  Until the next time.

Today I am…  On a Spree!

Two for the price of One

So in this blog, you will be getting two reviews from me about Home Slice Pizza, and Hey Cupcake.


So I have been looking at Home Slice Pizza for a while now, always passing by it, well today I stopped by and got a slice of Authentic NY Style pizza, now see I have never had Authentic NY style pizza, so I have nothing to gauge it from, but from the taste of it, I am giving Home Slice a thumbs up.


A slice at home slice

Thin crust pizza, very flavorful, and the crust wasn’t hard, it tasted really delicious.  I suggest this pizza place to pizza lovers.  It is on South Congress Ave.  The Homeboy’s at Home slice make it yummalicious.


Now for Hey Cupcake…



They have a very cute trailer, I have also been eyeing this place since before I moved here.  Lots of talk about the cupcakes.  So today I decided to just go try it; and see for myself.  The price for one cupcake is about $ 3.00.  I chose the Sweet Berry cupcake.  A strawberry cupcake with a strawberry cream cheese icing, with crystalized sugar sprinkled on top, kind of gave it a sparkly look.


Sweetberry cupcake

So now time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about.  Upon first bite, I found it to be quite dense.  the cake part tasted of strawberry, but how can I say…  It felt heavy, a thickness as I ate into it, not at all what my mind or taste buds had envisioned lol.  The icing was strawberry, but it wasn’t overpowering sweet, it was subtle, that I liked, even though I love sweet things, the cupcake wasn’t so sweet, that is good.  As for the price I think  three bucks is a bit much.  Perhaps it was just the flavor of cupcake I chose, who knows…  I personally think since tasting it, that they make too much of a fuss, I do not really see much special about Hey cupcake, now this is just my own opinion.  If you want to know how good or not good they are, I suggest you try it out yourself.  As for me, that is one trailer checked off my Austin List.  Many more to come.