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Beyond 365

Day 356:

Today I am…  Grieving.  The loss of someone, I did not know him well, we worked at the same place.  In fact, he was the one who informed me of this job.  It was by God grace, and design.  His niece is the one who adopted me into their family last Thanks giving holiday.  It is a shock, he passed away yesterday.  I had just seen him Saturday morning.

Like a flicker of light,we can be here one min, and the next gone. 

Today I am…  Grieving.

SXS Death

I do not know how many deaths have occurred during this fest since it started in 1987, but today there were 2 deaths, and numerous injuries, when a drunk driver fleeing from cops, broke through a barrier and plowed into a crowd of music goer’s.  Along the way hitting a guy on a bike who died and a woman on a moped who also died.  This is the story that I woke up to this morning on my way to work, the bus driver was telling us what happened, as much as he knows.  Pretty sad, that there are people blaming the cops for this, by chasing the guy.  I have never had any problems with the police here in Austin, so I say, let’s not blame them for doing their job, lets put the blame where is should be and that is with the person who got behind the wheel of his vehicle knowing he was drunk and decided that instead of pulling over, he would run, and now he has killed two people and injured many more.

Caution to all out during this south by weekend, please be safe, and do not drink, or drive, it isn’t worth ending up dead or in prison.  My condolence goes out to the families of the two who died, and prayers to the ones who are in the hospital.