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52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 28:  ( picture this )


A beautiful Austin skyline.  The downtown buildings all lit, the atmosphere delightful.  Thus was fourth of July.  Went to see the fireworks, first time.  It was amazing, and beautiful.  They say about 100,000 people were there that day/night.  I can believe it.  The place was packed, I was one of the 100,000.  Yes!  This is the place I live, and the beauty that I see.

52 Weeks. ( Picture This )

Week 6:  ( Picture this )


Walking down the street.  Yes, mounted police women.  Some is Austins finest on their four footed friend!   It was a fine day, I was out looking for some action.  Good action, but came across this instead.  Was a good time to take a photo.  So onward.  Until the next time.  Enjoy the day.

Sweet & Sour Thursday

The sweet side:  Today was a beautifully sunny day.  Not really sure what the temps got up to, but once I got out of bed this morning, and looked out the door and saw sun, nothing else really mattered.  I knew I had to get out and soak it up; while it lasted.

I had been wanting to head down to Big Top Candy shop , today was perfect.  So I headed to catch the bus, for my adventure.  It was so pleasant on the bus this time.  Finally reached my destination.  I will say this, if you love candy, this is the place for you.  Filled with every kind imaginable.   A couple of photos I took.





Indeed, there was candy to be had….

The Sour side:  what I had bought, were the candy sticks.  Different flavors too.  But, in the process of getting off the bus, my carefully bought candy sticks were left behind.  Ugggh!!!!  A bit upsetting, but as the french would say.  C’est LA Vie!  Translation…  That’s life.  I am sure someone is enjoying this sweet treat.  At least, there are photos.  There will be another trip to this delightful shop.  Today, was a great day.


Side of JO’s Coffee.

Life is full of sweet and sour.  This is My Austin 2015.

Beyond 365

Day 326:

Today I am…  REVVED UP!  No, I may not be attending this years F1 race, but I am heading downtown to see the last day of Fan fest.  Which is an F1 event for the fans.  Live music,food,fun.  I was not able to catch Joan Jett last night, but going to see Filter, and some other musicians.  Might as well go and enjoy my day off.  Here’s to having a great Sunday y’all!

Today I am…  REVVED UP!

Beyond 365

Day 292:

Today I am…  Pushing Forward.  It has been an OK kind of day.  I did go to the pecan fest.  It was nice, I enjoyed and saw some new things.  Check the photos on my instagram on the side near the bottom. 

It would have been a lot more fun with another, it is always more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with.  Any way…  I am back at the apartment, work in the am, hope your weekend has been great.

Today I am…  Pushing Forward.

Beyond 365

Day 233:

Today I am…  OK!  Today I almost had a new client, but missed it by a couple of points, but that is OK, because I can get do overs until I can get it.  This client is one of their top if in fact their top clients, just one of the harder ones, just because of its size and so many different aspects of it.  I am not a fan of it, but once I get it, I will treat it just like my other clients.  I am sure that if not tomorrow, the following week I will get more cracks at it, lol.  They are starting to get everyone trained on it one way or the other.  It is what it is…

The weather has been cloudy the past couple of days, looks like it is threatening to rain, but shall see.  It sure is hot though.  I will take this over the dreadful cold any day.  Bah, tomorrow, workers will be putting new wood around the doors, of our apartments, that means that I will not be able to have my air on, and they will have doors open until they are done.  But if it is going to make the apartments look nice, then I say hey what’s a few hours without air.

So I just picked up the Austin Chronicle today, in it is a piece about another hotel going up downtown, it will be where the Wholly Cow burger shop is, and there is another business there as well.  I have to say, that there are way to many hotels, going up, it is changing the way the beautiful Austin Skyline looks, before you know it, this place called downtown, is going to be so crowded, that you won’t be able to see anything except big skyscraper towers and buildings, and that is sad.  I love the skyline, but it is changing every day.  You will only be left with the memories, and photos before all the buildings.

Well my friends, and loyal reader’s I am about done for the day, about to hit me up some Netflix, before bedtime, hope you enjoy the start of your weekend.

Today I am…  OK!

Beyond 365

Day 232:

Today I am…  Famished!  Yes!, today after my four-hour work day, had to go take care of some business, which found me downtown.  After my business was done, I was feeling quite hungry, so I walked, and walked, and walked some down town till I stopped at Murphy’s Deli.  I have passed this deli every time I have gone down town, today was the day to stop on in and see what was up.  I ordered a chicken pita, and I had a bottle of orange juice.  The pita was quite filling, and delicious.  It definitely hit the spot, so I got some fuel in me before I walked some more to the bus stop, it was a pretty hot day today, so I was glad to get on the bus out of the heat.  I was going to stop into the Starbucks, and get a frappachino, but looking at that line, I opted out, so glad that I did.  I got a delicious pita from a very nice deli, and I satisfied my hunger, win win if I say so.

Now, on to some house work, before I relax for the rest of the evening.  Here’s to having the rest of the day.  Enjoy!

Today I am…  Famished!