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Slow & Steady

So going slow in the process of losing this weight,I am feeling really good this time around. I have lost 3 pounds already, and I am chugging along each and every day, with the exception of the days that I rest.  I feel stronger, and I am getting a lot more sleep, I am also breathing better with all this, I am now able to walk up the stairs at my apartment with out having to stop along the way to catch a breath.  I am loving walking further, and hitting up the apartment gym.  I am going to be fit this year.  I have also cut my sugar and fat intake.  So here’s to getting Summer ready, and beyond.

Starting over again

So I have been exercising the past five days.  I have been in a downward spiral for a very long time emotionally and physically, so I have begun the process of climbing out of my pit.  I have not liked what I have been seeing in myself, and I know if I continue the way I am going, nothing good will come of it.

So I begin again, may this beginning bring prosperous change inside and out.

This must be magic!

Oh my feet!, my feet, they feel so good, these shoes with the memory foam must be magic I say!  I have just been on my feet walking home from the bus stop, now I have walked all the way down to the library here, and I say, my feet feel so good.  What is this magic, I don’t understand it all, but I am going to walk till I have walked all the memory out of these shoes, and then I am going to purchase another pair, oh my, oh my, this is wonderful!

Just wanted to convey how awesome these sketchers are.  That is all my loyal, now you can return back to your regularly scheduled programs.  Toodles!

Beyond 365

Day 195:

Today I am…  Getting back on the wagon.  The exercise wagon that is.  I have not been doing my exercises, and when I was ill, I stopped altogether, I have been feeling bloated and just a plain wreck of things.  So today I start over once again.  Do I feel shame?  Well a little for the fact that I know I should have been doing something more, but just could not pull myself together to get it done.  With that being said though, I am not going to give up, no.  I am going to keep on keeping on this, until I achieve results.  I have been struggling with getting this under control, as well as my emotional state of being.  Not all days are bright and sunny, but I try, I try.

Today is the start of another work week.  I know I need to slow down and pace myself.  I got a good assessment last week, which gives me a little more pay, still not where I want to be, but sure not where I used to be.  And on that note my friends and loyal reader’s I shall be heading off to get ready for my working week.  Keep it safe, fun, and whatever you do or do not do today, enjoy.

Today I am…  Getting back on the wagon.

Beyond 365

Day 160:

Today I am…  Putting in the work.  The exercise work that is, today was core and ab work, yes, I can feel the burn, so may this hopefully pay off.  If I continue with this, I will see results.  I am not going for a hard body of any sort, just a slimmed down tummy, and a tone up, lol.  I do like my pudgy parts, so I am not looking to do away with all of it, hey, curves are good as well.

I have had a wonderful weekend, now it is the start of a new working week for me.  No complaining here for me, I am thankful everyday that I have employment, and a new chance to learn new things.

The weather looks like it is going to try to rain today, it is windy out, and the clouds have formed, ahh this weather has been up and down, off and on.  Oh spring time.  Well not a lot going on this morning, so time to get ready for my working day, hope your having a great start to your week.

Today I am…  Putting in the work.

Beyond 365

Day 145:

Today I am…  Working on the weekend.  Well, at least one of the days on this weekend.  Just need to make it through to this afternoon and I will be golden.  Tired, but golden.  There are a lot of things to do around Austin this weekend, of course there are always a lot to do around Austin, you just have to have money, or time, and energy to do them ha ha.  I am getting my stamina up with all this walking, I am sure that one day I will not be huffing and puffing trying to catch every breath, and soon will be walking with ease.  the weather has been up and down, and with it my asthma has been having its day, I know I need to take my inhalers with me.  I want to be able to walk without wheezing like a wheeze box.  It will happen, I will be back to my former walking self, even better, so I have to keep steady at it.  I can feel the difference with all the walking I have been doing this week.  Stay tuned.

So it’s almost 4:30 am, and I need to really get off this post and on to finishing getting dressed for work, 5 am will be here and I need to be out of the house to catch the bus, so on that note my reader’s…  Here’s to Having a great weekend, what ever you do or do not do, make sure to keep it fun and always safe.

Today I am…  Working on the weekend.

Beyond 365

Day 139:

Today I am…  Taking it in.  My day off of course.  After church this morning, I went on a long walk in the park, it was a most beautiful morning.  Sure, there were clouds overhead and it was a bit hazy looking, but it was morning and it was warming up pretty quickly.  I love walking in the park, I do get emotional when it’s such a beautiful day out, and I see the splendor of its beauty, the splendor of which God has created and given to us to enjoy.  Well I am enjoying it.  I walked along the trails, this is why I love Austin.  There are so many parks and trails that you can run, walk, bike, and hike.  The park here is close to where I live, so it’s easy access, and I would be a fool not to take full advantage of it.


trails in the park

day in the park

bird in the park

Three photos I took today while I was walking in the park.  Oh the beauty.  While I was walking, I was thinking, well it’s a place, or just one of the places I do my best thinking, any who.  I have decided that since I will be working mornings this week, that I will take full advantage of my walking time, and instead of when I get off work, and taking the bus to the park in ride where I live, I will get off before and just walk down to my apartments, that will save me time of having to sit and wait at the park in ride, and it will give me even more exercise during the week.  Since the bus stop is just down the street.  It will be nice to get out and walk in the daytime, since I have to catch the bus early in the morning, the afternoon will be my walking treat.  Plus it’s a way to combat all that sitting at work for me, want to keep it active, and get my summer walking legs in shape.

Next Sunday will be great as well, it will be the Pecan Street Festival, and I will be heading downtown to check that out as well.  More walking, browsing, and photo taking.  Stay tuned.

So now I will enjoy the rest of my day by watching some movies.  Hope that you have had a great weekend, and may your Working week start off great also.

Today I am…  Taking it in.

Beyond 365

Day 135:

Today I am…  Keeping it moving.  Yesterday and the day before, it was a struggle to make it to the park and back to the apartment, I can say that today it is getting better.  Before long I will be able to walk up to the library and back.  It is a struggle to get up in the mornings, but once I do get up and get at em’ well let’s just say I power on through, and I begin to get my sunshine on!  I do need to stretch more in the mornings when I do get up, because I can feel it in my body, sore and stiff.  So will work on that much more.  Also going to have to do better at not sitting too long at work, I mean I get up at break times and walk around, but it is going to have to be more frequent, don’t want to get stuck in that sedentary lifestyle.  In all, I feel that I am on my way, just need to now buy a scale, and some more weights.

I have not truly figured out the work life balance thing yet.  I know that when I am off, for the one day, my mind wants to be out doing something other than sitting at home, but the body is tired, so it is a battle.  This time I know that I will be staying home, for the fact that I have to clean, since my mom left, I’ve not done a lot of cleaning, and she just bought me this new vacuum, and  will be using it.  I like a clean place, but hate cleaning.  So glad though that it is just vacuuming and dishes that need to be done, all the rest is pretty much clean.

Time is moving, and so should I.  So here’s to having a wonderful Wednesday Y’all.

Today I am…  Keeping it moving.

Beyond 365

Day 133:

Today I am…  Starting Over!  Hey, it doesn’t matter if you have to start over again, it matters that you take the steps to move forward.  So today I am starting over with my exercise.  After splurging while my mom was here, eating everything that can be found, I know that I need to get back on the ball so to speak.  And today is that day, I’ve already done my routine, and will be heading out for a walk after I get this posted, just down to the park and back, I am starting out slow, don’t want to overdue it and end up not being able to do anything if I hurt myself, so slow it is.  Gotta start somewhere right?  Since I don’t have to be at work till 3 this afternoon, I have some time, before I have to catch the bus, so getting it all in now, and will set up a system so that I am up and at em before I get my work day going.

I do have to remember that April shower’s bring May flowers, and I am hoping to get down to the botanical gardens really soon, so that I can take some pictures of the flowers.  Well friends, and reader’s here’s to having a really awesome Monday.  Keep it fun, and safe, and always enjoy.

Today I am…  Starting Over!

Beyond 365

Day 99:

Today I am…  Taking a look.  Yes, I am in my closet and taking a look at the drabby clothing I have, either outgrown, or they just do not fit right.  I haven’t been shopping for clothing in a couple of years, so I am thinking that it is about time I lay down some money and pick up a few new threads.  I do not want to go over board, because I am just getting back into my walking routine, and well that changes my body, so I think that I will wait a few more weeks, then go shopping bit by bit, and all these other clothing…  I will just donate to good will.  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  Taking a look.