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Another year disappointed 

Another opportunity that the f-1 Fanfest blew, that is only my opinion. Really, there was nothing interesting going on;and that is a shame.  There was no music, no sporty racing cars on display like two years back.  It was bland.  I was in and out of downtown that quick.  Facebook was there doing some occulus vr stuff.  Not interested, welp another year gone and a complete washout for me.  Maybe next year will hold something better 😔.  Enjoy your Saturday readers.

Beyond 365

Day 326:

Today I am…  REVVED UP!  No, I may not be attending this years F1 race, but I am heading downtown to see the last day of Fan fest.  Which is an F1 event for the fans.  Live music,food,fun.  I was not able to catch Joan Jett last night, but going to see Filter, and some other musicians.  Might as well go and enjoy my day off.  Here’s to having a great Sunday y’all!

Today I am…  REVVED UP!