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Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 50:

It was a beautiful day, the geese and ducks were full of bread, and this was a great shot of mom and jr, time just enjoying what they enjoy…  time together at their favorite fishing hole.  I miss this.  Much love mom.

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…

Week 46:

Today, would have been my mom’s 67th Birthday.  Today, I get to remember her.  Today, I get to show photos of her; today.

This photo represents my family, brother and sister, and mom.  May you rest in peace, and eternally know how much you are missed.  Much love mom.

Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing…



moms kid picture bw


This was my mom as a kid, I can see the resemblance in all three of us, my sister and brother.  She was an only child by her mother.  Strong willed, and so very independent.  And so very missed.  My mom was a giver, she was nice and caring; but she was also a Scorpio, and if you got on her bad side, you better watch out!  There are a lot of personality traits I got from her, some not so good, but most very good.  I am so blessed to have had her for 43 of my years.  Mom I love you.