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It does tastes like chicken!

That would be alligator.  Today my mom, sister,nephew,and I went downtown 6th street.  We went to The Pecan Street Festival.  It was their first time going, they loved it.  It was also a first for us all to try alligator on a stick, let me tell you; it was delicious, in fact, it tasted like chicken.  Wow! Chicken.  Now I can say I have experienced gator.  The pecan street fest was good as always.  Until the next one in the spring 2016.  Enjoy!


Mom and sister enjoying gator on stick.


Nephew enjoying gator.

Beyond 365

Day 298:

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!  This morning while laying on the couch with my phone in hand I turned it to the light, and what do I see?  Yesh!  A Crack, I have a cracked screen, it is an arched crack, but a crack none the less!  It must have happened yesterday at the festival, I dropped it, and I guess it was one drop to many, because now there is an arch crack in the screen.  Oh if it isn’t one thing, it’s your mother…  Well you get what I am saying here.  So now I am going to have to take sweet precaution with this phone until I can get a new one, and I am praying it will either be before the new year hits, or sometime early in the new year.  I have had nothing but problems with this phone since I moved down to Austin.  No, no, no, not happy at all!  But enough about my phone.

Yesterday was good, wish I had company to share all this with, but once again, it was a solo adventure.  Yes, had a good time, got some nice shots of the bands, Here are just a few that I captured.


A pirates life

Luling color


William H Taft

just a hat

San Marcos

The day was long, not a cloud in the sky, good weather, but boy was I tired when I left, didn’t get to stay to see the entire thing, but what I did see was amazing once again, these kids can sure put on a show.

Back to work tomorrow for me, my hours have drastically been cut, but at least I made enough this week, to pay what needs to be paid, the rest, well, I will not worry any about it, God has it all in hand.  So am excited to see sister and dad, that takes place Wed.

I am already thinking about Christmas, and decorating, this time around I am going to get that white tree, and I am going to decorate around the apartment, I saw some really cool flat led lights I am looking to get, once I obtain all this, I will let you know with photos.  Until then, it is only a thought that is forming in my mind.

Today I am…  Not a Happy Camper!

Beyond 365

Day 250:

Today I am…  Observing.  As I walked down to the convenience store. the sky was gray, cloudy, and humid out.  Looks like something may be blowing in, but there was a nice breeze as well.  It was the kind of morning that you sit out on your balcony and drink a perfect cup of coffee and read the sunday papers kind of day.  Neither of which I have, oh ho-hum…  What I do have is tea, and I have brewed me up a nice cup full, and right now sipping on it as I write this post, so you don’t always have to have coffee to enjoy what it.

I did happen to pick up the latest  edition of the Austin Chronicle, I see that next Saturday they are having the 10th annual Bat Fest.  Now if my sister and nephew are not going to come down, this is possibly where I will be.  I have never been to one, and well, I think it is time to immerse myself into one of Austins celebration for bats.  This is so to be continued.

So tomorrow my dad has to go back to the doctors to check on his eye, then he will have his surgery on Wednesday, keep those prayers moving.  Thank you for the prayer Dee, it lifted spirits, and my mom says thanks also.  I know all will be good, God has His hand over the situation.  Prayer changes everything.

Life is so good, it may not be where I want it to be at, but it is working out for good, it is all good, all good.  I thank Him for all that I have.   So today is chicken and mac time, now I may or may not post pics if not here, then on my instagram, which you can view through my WordPress, it is down below or over to the right hand side near the bottom.   Well back to work tomorrow morning, oh how I love mornings…    Here’s to having a great end of the weekend.

Today I am…  Observing.



Beyond 365

Day 146:

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!  So today I will be heading out once again to the Pecan street festival.  I happened to have gone yesterday after work, I met up with a co-worker, and we enjoyed the sights, of course I wasn’t able to go home, change and bring my camera, I only had my phone, and I took some photos, of course if you want to see those photos, just go to the side of my blog and I will have them posted on my instagram feed.  But today I am taking my camera, and will get some more shots, and post them once I get back today.  The music was good, and it was hot out.  We walked, and walked, and walked till our feet hurt, then it was time to head home lol.  In all it was a great time, she even bought me a couple of rings from a couple of the vendors, will eventually get to posting that as well.

I so enjoy things like this, and this is definitely why I love living in Austin, there are just so many things to do and see, and you really should not be saying there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, even if you have been to some things before, there are always other things to do and explore in this town.  One of the places I would like to find and take photos of is Graffiti park, from the photos I saw from atmtx’s blog, it is definitely a place to photograph.

So let me start my day right, time to listen to Shoreline online, get the word of the Lord in me, and then head out to the festivities.  Here’s to hoping that you too are having a great weekend, for Monday’s come way to quickly.  Enjoy my reader’s and friends, enjoy.

Today I am…  Enjoying Spring!

Beyond 365

Day 92:

Today I am…  Scanning the airwaves.  I have this scanner radio app on my phone, so at the moment I am listening to all the crazy stuff going on in Austin.  I try not to listen to a lot of this stuff, because some of it can be a bit scary, but at the moment, with South by being in town, you get a lot of reports of stuff going on.  There are other places I listen to as well.  It’s a good time waster if I have nothing better to do.

Speaking of south by, I do believe today kicked off the music portion of it all, and they are starting to close off some of the streets downtown and around that area.  Sorta, kinda, glad I am not down there right now, but sorta, kinda, wish I was lol.  But work will keep me busy, in fact I pulled in a little more extra time, so I can be sure that come Friday, two of my bills will be getting paid off for the month.  Yippie, and as long as I can pick up some extra hours, than it’s going to be a pretty good pay-day for me.  And I will be able to get my furniture, and start decorating my cozy little pad.  Stay tuned.  I am surprised that I didn’t find it so very hard to get up this morning, with having about 4 hours sleep previous, but will not make that a habit, I will get some proper sleep tonight, turn in around 10 if not earlier.  To be up at 3:30 to be out the door at 5 , it’s all good, it’s all good, I am like a blooming flower in the morning time.  And today was such a beautiful day, I pretty much bloomed all over the place.

Well back to enjoying the rest of the evening my readers.

Today I am…  Scanning the airwaves.

Beyond 365

Day 75:

Today I am…  Working.  Ah yes, this week is all work, I have the 3 to 11 spot this week, and on Saturday I get the 2:30 to 10:30 pm spot, so that means that I am going to miss the Zilker kite fly this year, yes it saddens me.  I have been wanting to go to this for the past 3 years, but I have to work Sunday the 2nd, and will not be able to go.  I am really hoping that I will have some days off during SXSW which starts on the 6th of next month, but the music part starts on the 11th or 12th I believe and doesn’t end till the 16th.  So in that span, I am hoping that I can get to it let’s keep those fingers crossed.  I know if I do go, that I am going to have to have some money saved, because I will have to definitely take a taxi home, I am hoping the buses stay out longer, well at least the one I want so that I can then catch a taxi home from the park and ride, which isn’t that far from where I live.  I will have to ask the bus drivers about the scheduling on that.  I am excited though.

So my mom and dad are coming today, but only be staying overnight, they are picking up this piece of furniture that she had paid for down here, it’s a nice glass entertainment piece.  Dad had the day off today, and his usual day off  Sunday, so they are driving down to pick it up.  I will get to see mom next month for longer, it’s hard to see them both together, since dad works all week, and only have Sunday off.  I will probably only get to see them for an hour before I have to head to work, then of course once I get home from work tonight, a couple of hours before I go to sleep, and the morning before they take off back to San Angelo.  It’s always nice to see them.

It is really nice to be working where I am not standing all day, dealing with out of control customers and their equally out of control children.   I know the weather is pretty dang sweet this week.  I love this kind of weather, I feel more in my elements then, nice, sunny, and wonderful.  Here’s to more days like this.  Must wrap this up for today.  Enjoy your day reader’s.

Today I am…  Working.

Looks like I won’t make it…

That is to the Harry Connick Jr concert.  I so wanted to go, it is next month, and I have not the funds to attend, yes!  Being an adult means sacrificing some of the things you want to do, in order to be able to pay the rent.  Oyvey, man this adult stuff sucks sometimes.  Oh Harry, how I love you so, but I will not get to see your beautiful face, and velvety voice crooning my heart.  Perhaps another time I will be able to catch you. 

Life is moving ahead, work is getting hectic, it is the busy time during this Halloween time, I was thinking about dressing up, but have decided that it really isn’t worth it for me, ha, ha, who would I have to dazzle anyhow, I was thinking about being a sexy pirate or a sexy referee chick.  I don’t do Halloween, but I like the thought of dressing up though, anytime of the year lol.  I have been thinking that I might just stroll on down to Rack Daddy’s sports bar and grill that night, just to check out what costumes are being worn, and see if they have any rocking bands going on.  I shall see how it all goes, if I go or not.  Anyway, it would be for good photos, and I am all about taking photos of some of the stranger things in Austin lol.  

Was going to go to the Texas Book Fest tomorrow, but decided, it just isn’t worth attending by myself, there really is too much that I attend by myself anyway, this is something best shared with people who enjoy books as you do, sure there are going to be people out there enjoying books, so I literally would not be alone, but I would much rather go with friends who do, and right now my friend can’t be with me to enjoy this, perhaps another time right Olivia lol. 

I am going to try to get to some other things going on next month.  Will keep you posted.  But for now, I am outie.  Enjoy your day friends.


Finally getting around to posting a couple of photos from my time spent at the 2013 Pecan Street Festival.  It was fun, it was crowded, and it got a little bit rainy, but I was smart and took my umbrella with me.  There were some really rockin’ bands playing.  This one band I don’t know their name, but they were really good, they had a cuban sound to them, perhaps they were a cuban band, either way I really enjoyed watching them.  I took in a couple of other bands as well.  I had some cheesy tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck, I must say they were very delicious, and ended up washing all that down with a Cup of Lemonade from a vender stand on the corner.  In all I had a pretty swell time.  I hope to enjoy the festival again next year.  Indeed a year of firsts.  Hope you enjoy the photos below.


Another band

Gems rock

Gettin it done

Grilled cheese truck

Hot band

Marble figures

Petting zoo