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Beyond 365

Day 31:

Today I am…  Contemplating.  On whether I should get myself a pet.  I know eventually I am going to get myself a cat, but for now I have been contemplating about a beta fish, I had one about 2 years or so ago.  Pickles, was a crown fin beta, he was red with blue, such a character he was, that beta had personality.  I was sad the day he died, but you know how fish are.  So I have been thinking about getting another beta.  For me it would be nice to come home to the apartment and have something to talk to, even though fish have no idea what you’re saying, it will keep me occupied at times, watching him swim around and I could have fun fixing a bad ass tank up for him.  I will give it a few more thoughts, before I make my final decision on the matter.

Today I am…  Contemplating.