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52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 2:  ( picture this )


Yes, once again it is that time.  You know the time I am talking about; that hacking, wheezing, I’m so stuffed up, or who opened the faucet in my head time.  The Ceder Is high, and cold/ flu season is wrecking havoc on many.  I have had my share, so I am trying to stay on top of it.  Very hard when others around you have it.  So I do the best I can.  Here is hope that you stay well this season.

Beyond 365

Day 360:

Today I am…  Fever Free!  Oh, what 48 hours it has been.  Last night my fever broke.  I was literally drenched in sweat.  Thank God , I did not have to go to the clinic.  Thank God for Tylenol and dayquill.  And only missing one day of work.

I slept the majority of yesterday, got up to eat.  Watched the outsiders, then back to bed.  Today, I am ready for work.  Have a safe weekend.

Today I am…  Fever Free!

Beyond 365

Day 359:

Today I am…  Laid up!  That is right friends, and readers.  Mr.  Flu has come a knocking.  yesterday was awful, last night was terrible.  I had such a high fever,  I has to do the ice water thing to get it down, along with Tylenol.  I am still a little feverish, but nothing like last night.  So no work for me today.  Day quill severe cold and flu, hot tea, and plenty of water is on my agenda.

Today I am…  Laid up!